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Deerhunter-Fluorescent Grey EP

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Following the release of 2007's Cryptograms, Deerhunter were on the verge of critical success as the indie, Internet site Pitchfork named them one of the best new bands of 2007. Their status was furthered even more when the band released a four-track EP entitled Fluorescent Grey. The sixteen-minute EP consisting of four tracks produced by Chris Bishop that enhances the band's unique, shoegaze sound along with their abrasive take on noise-rock and ambient music. With songs written by the band along with lyrics by Bradford Cox. The four-track EP is a wonderful accompaniment to the band's brilliant sophomore album.

The opening title track opens with a piano melody and thumping rhythm from Moses Archuleta's drums as Cox sings the song with his dark, descriptive lyrics. With jangly guitar plucks from Colin Mee and Lucky Pundt and a bouncy bass line from Josh Fauver, the track serves as a smooth yet rhythmic track until waves of noisy guitars emerge to create a chaotic sound with Cox's dreamy vocal leading the way. Dr. Glass is a more rhythmic song with thumping bass drums by Cox and percussions by Archuleta as a soothing keyboard track is playing as an accompaniment. With jangly guitars playing behind in the background, Cox sings as he channels his soothing vocal style through his eerie lyrics while the washy rhythm guitars continue to accompany the sound.

Like New is a dreamy track filled with waves of distorted, washy guitar tracks and melodic plucks as a smooth yet mid-tempo track is heard along with thumping bass lines as Cox sings in his cool, haunting vocal style. The song is truly a shoegaze song with a hypnotic style led by Cox's vocals as the guitars continue to create ethereal soundscapes that is truly powerful. The record closer Wash Off opens with a distorted jam that later becomes into a full-fledge song with a thumping back beat from Archuleta's drums and Fauver's pounding bass lines. With its jangly plucks on the guitar, Cox starts to sing as the song gets more intense as Cox becomes more menacing in his vocals. With Mee and Pundt's guitars becoming more intense and the drums get more confrontational, the song becomes a full-on rocker with spurts of distortion and Cox's vocals as he keeps singing "I was 16" throughout the song as it softens and then goes into full-on chaos.

While the EP is just over 16 minutes and with only four songs, the whole record itself is perfect since it plays up to the unique sound of Deerhunter. Yet, playing as an accompaniment to the album Cryptograms. The two records together as a whole makes for one unique listening experience that proves that they're one of the best new bands to come out of Atlanta and in the American indie music scene. The Fluorescent Grey EP also confirms that they're also worth the critical hype that they've been receiving as fans await for their new record coming in 2008.

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