Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday Movie Picks (TV Edition): Game Shows

In the 18th week of 2020 for Wandering Through the Shelves' Thursday Movie Picks. We go into the world of television in game shows. Shows where people try to win money and prizes but also endure all sorts of humiliating moments. Here are my three picks as they’re game shows from the 1980s/1990s that appeared on Nickelodeon or as today’s kids call it, Nick:

1. Double Dare

For anyone that grew up during the 80s and 90s would remember this show as it consisted of two teams as one would feature two kids each or a family and in one case, a celebrity teaming up with a kid. They would answer trivia questions for points and endure some messy physical challenges. The winning team would make it to the obstacle course to find a red flag through a barrage of messy food and all sorts of stuff. When all red flags are captured, the team wins a butt-load of prizes.

2. Nick Arcade

A show that lasted for two seasons yet it was ahead of its time in relating to the world of video game culture as it was a simple game of two team of two kids answering video game related trivia and then play a game to reach a certain high score for points. The winning team would then take part in a virtual game with all sorts of physicality as if they’re in a game and if they get a number of objects or fix something. They win a bunch of prizes.

3. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Another short-lived game show from the 1990s is definitely one of the most interesting game shows of its time where six teams of two people compete in various physical and mental challenges that involve trivia, water sports, and all sorts of things. There’s four stages in the game as the first game involves the moat, the remaining four teams take part in the second stage as it involves trivia, two teams remain for the third round in a trilogy of physical challenges to get pendants they need for the fourth and final round which the winning team has to compete in. It is often interesting to see who wins and do they win in the final challenge as it’s a game show that is set to return for Quibi but for adults.

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Sonia Cerca said...

I've never heard of any of these but game shows are not my strong suit.

Brittani Burnham said...

We match on Legends! It's so strange to think it wasn't on for very long because I have so many memories of watching it. I must have been watching a ton of reruns.

Double Dare I know but I feel like I vaguely remember Nick Arcade. It probably was ahead of its time.

I remember Figure It Out, that was fun.

Birgit said...

I have not seen any of these nor have I even heard of them but I didn’t watch games shows in the 90s except for Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune