Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog News

Since I've been posting old and new reviews through my blog.  I've feel like a sense of relief has come in since my departure from  Though I'm not sure if I'm being read.  At least, I've gained a certain freedom.

There will be some new music reviews coming soon though it's unlikely that I will have a huge list of 2010 releases to be reviewed due to the fact that I've been busy rebuilding my music catalog into my external hard drive.  Once I feel like reviewing albums again, it will become frequent soon.

In the film front, some have noticed I've been re-posting old reviews from Epinions which are now copyrighted by me.  Some have been re-edited or expanded depending on the film.  Even with DVD reviews which has been fulfilling lately because there's not much to work on them and there's not much pressure as well.

Coming soon will be some director profiles for upcoming releases by Terrence Malick and Sofia Coppola.  With Malick, there will be the expanded Criterion DVD review of Days of Heaven that will be posted for the blog that I wrote for Epinions a few years ago.  There will also be some new, expanded DVD reviews for The New World and the upcoming Criterion DVD of The Thin Red Line.  With Badlands, I'm not sure about posting a review unless there is news of a superior DVD release coming soon.  Then I plan on doing a profile of Malick in anticipation for the release of Tree of Life.

With Coppola, all of my old reviews of films, soundtracks, and essays will be posted in this blog along with my own take on Coppola's work in anticipation for Somewhere.  This blog is now alive and well again and I will be posting old and new reviews in the coming days.  Even as I will have expanded DVD reviews of films like Che, The Double Life of Veronique, Brazil, Solaris, and My Own Private Idaho.


Anonymous said...

With Badlands, there's not much point doing a review of the current DVD which is just passable at best. I'm hoping Criterion picks it up sometime next year because it's clear they've got a love of Malick.

thevoid99 said...

True. I have that DVD and did review that DVD in my original review. So should I post my original review or wait out for a proper DVD release so I can expand that review?