Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Auteurs #38: Terry Gilliam

One of the co-founding members of the famed British comedy troupe Monty Python, Terry Gilliam was a man who had his own vision from the animated sketches he made for the troupe which led to his own work as a filmmaker. Most notably as his films were extravagant and full of imagination as it often dealt with men battling all sorts of realities. While he’s gained praise for his films, he is also a pariah in the film industry as he often fought studio executives and members of the industry to maintain his own vision. Some of which became public as it played to his persona as an artist who is willing to refuse to compromise so he can bring his art to the people.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 22, 1940, Gilliam was the son of a traveling salesman for Folgers/carpenter as he spent much of his childhood at Medicine Lake, Minnesota. At the age of 11, Gilliam and his family moved to Los Angeles where Gilliam was a top student at the Birmingham High School as it was around that time he discovered MAD magazine which influenced his idea for offbeat humor and animation as Gilliam would spend his early 20s working for the magazine Help! from MAD magazine editor Harvey Kurtzman. Gilliam’s work in animation would get the attention of British comedian John Cleese as Gilliam traveled to Britain where he worked on animated sequences for a British TV show called Do Not Adjust Your Set which also featured young comedians in Terry Jones, Eric Idle, and Michael Palin.

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