Sunday, September 30, 2018

Films That I Saw: September 2018

The fall is starting to arrive although it still feels warm here in the South and not in a good way. It’s wet and rainy as I’m just waiting for the cold to emerge as I tend to sleep better when it’s cold. Yet, it is the start of some serious film-watching with everyone trying to get a spot for the Oscars although I’m relieved to know that the widely-reviled Best Popular Film category is suspended and hopefully deleted. I think it’s a stupid category and it just brings in a lot of bad ideas all in an attempt to get ratings. If the Oscars want to create new categories, I’d suggest giving awards for the casting to its casting directors, for stunt work given to anyone leading the stunt team, and for dance choreography. That’s all the Oscar needs as these are people whose work don’t get enough credit and should be rewarded although I feel like the casting Oscar should be named after the famed Marion Dougherty in her honor.

Here in America, things are just as fucked up as it relates to the whole thing with Brett Kavanaugh who is the last person that should be sitting on the seat of the Supreme Court. While there’s people who don’t believe these claims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse that he’s being accused of. I actually believe these women due to the detail they were describing as having him in the Supreme Court is a bad idea and a slap in the face for all women. I would think of all of the young women who would be unable to get abortions or not have rights as it’s just another series of shit that is happening in America. The world is laughing at this country and let’s thank Fuckhead for that. Thanks a lot Fuckhead you stupid piece of shit.

In the month of September 2018, I saw a total of 35 films in 21 first-timers and 14 re-watches as four of these first-timers were directed by women as part of the 52 Films by Women pledge. Same as last month which I think is pretty good as one of the highlights of the month has been my Blind Spot assignment in Fat Girl. Here are my top 10 first-timers that I saw for September 2018:

1. Le notti bianche

2. Affliction

3. From Here to Eternity

4. Ginger and Fred

5. Call Me by Your Name

6. Thieves Like Us

7. Blue Collar

8. Italianamerican

9. Star Trek Beyond

10. Jane Fonda in Five Acts

Monthly Mini-Reviews

Megamind: The Button of Doom

This was a short film I saw on YouTube as I liked Megamind and often wondered when there will be a sequel. This little short made a year after it came out is a fun little short film that has Megamind and Minion selling their old gadgets until they learned about a gadget that was never used and things go wrong. It’s a fun little short that is enjoyable for kids but also has something for older audiences.

Bad Girl

This was a late film I saw on one of the channels from Showtime/the Movie Channel as it was an OK film. It’s about a family who moves somewhere in rural Australia where a teenage girl meets another teenage girl who turns out to be a lot of trouble. The bad girl is played by Samara Weaving as she is incredible in this as someone who is mysterious as well as have this side that is terrifying. It’s got the usual elements of suspense and drama but it does have some interesting visuals as it’s worth seeking out despite its flaws.

Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the Impossible

From the same people who created a documentary about the world of film editing is this documentary about the creation of the special effects team in Industrial Light and Magic. Narrated by Tom Cruise, it’s an interesting documentary about the history of visual effects and its evolution with George Lucas dominating much of the film as he co-founded the company. It also talked about how it would help take part in creating Pixar as well as pushing the boundaries of what visual effects could do before 2010.

Star Trek Beyond

This was a big surprise as I hope to do a full review of the film real soon along with other films of the Star Trek series as this was just a lot of fun. Justin Lin did a great job in not just with the visuals but also in maintaining that sense of camaraderie between the main cast in what is expected in the series. Even as the smaller moments of Spock and Dr. McCoy banter with the latter having to help the former who is injured as their scenes are fun as if they’re a married couple. I love what Sofia Boutella did in the film as this alien who helps the crew of the Enterprise as well as the fact that it never took itself seriously. It was also quite moving towards the end in which relates to what Spock was given from his older self as it’s something that I’m sure touched all fans of the series. Even as the film is a fitting tribute to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin who are going to be missed.

Heaven Can Wait

A remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan that stars Warren Beatty which he co-directed with co-star Buck Henry and co-wrote with Elaine May is a film that is just full of charm and wit. While I had seen another remake of that story in Down to Earth starring Chris Rock and Chazz Palminteri, this film is not just funnier but also filled with a lot of heart. Especially in the scenes Beatty had with Julie Christie and Jack Warden while the funnier stuff comes from Charles Grodin as his devious attorney and Dyan Cannon as the cheating wife. It’s just a film that I hope to revisit again soon as I think Beatty as a filmmaker doesn’t get enough credit.

The Oslo Diaries

A documentary from HBO about the attempted peace treaty between Israel and Palestine in the 1990s is a sobering film that explores everything a group of people from both sides who were trying to create something that could’ve been a big step towards peace in the Middle East. Featuring some re-created footage shot on old VHS and interviews from the participants of the Oslo Accords, it’s a film that showcased how close both sides were achieving something that could’ve been huge and a major step forward but forces from both sides would undo all of those things. Even as relations between both Israel and Palestine has gotten worse with the people involved in the accords watching from the sidelines wondering what could’ve been.

Wrestling the Curse

A 30 for 30 short that I found on YouTube is a small piece about the Von Erichs who were a family of wrestlers that were considered among the greats. Yet, it is largely told by Kevin Von Erich who is the sole survivor of the five brothers who wrestled yet all endured moments of tragedy. Especially as they were considered a group of brothers that were destined for greatness and were selling out stadiums in Texas as fans wanted to see them fight off the Freebirds. It’s a nice short though I’m sure wrestling fans wanted more about the Von Erichs.

Pitch Perfect 3

I like the film series while I was hesitant about seeing the third as I learned how messy it is. It is a mess but it still a fun film though it’s not as good as the previous films. Even as they tried to do a lot of things to keep it entertaining and such though a few things in the film don’t work. Plus, why would anyone want to work with DJ Khaled? He sucks. Some of the music is good as it’s just a nice movie that doesn’t take itself seriously and yearns to be entertaining.

Top 10 Re-watches (that isn’t Lost in Translation):

1. The Avengers

2. Dr. No

3. Licence to Kill

4. The Spy Who Loved Me

5. Tomorrow Never Dies

6. For Your Eyes Only

7. Never Say Never Again

8. Diamonds are Forever

9. Live and Let Die

10. Octopussy

Well, that is it for September 2018 as the month did end on a high as I was able to see Nine Inch Nails and the Jesus & Mary Chain at the Fox Theatre as it was one hell of a concert. Next month will be focused largely on films of suspense, horror, and other weird films based on a list of films that is available on my DVR and local library including one of my Blind Spots for the year. Another big thing in October will be a few more films by Orson Welles in anticipation for the release of The Other Side of the Wind as I’ve just seen 2 of the three versions of Mr. Arkadin. For theatrical releases, I’m not sure what I’m going to watch but I know there’s a lot of good films coming out so I hope to see what I can get while I will still continue my NIN marathon as I’m extending it to the end of the year as I’ve already have thoughts about doing more for my music blog next year. Until then, this is thevoid99 signing off…

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Dell said...

Yes!!! Love that you had a Bond marathon. I seriously want to see that doc on ILM.

Unknown said...

I also think it’s great you had a Bond marathon. After all, nobody does it better.

thevoid99 said...

@Wendell-It was on Starz! Action as they did a month of nothing but James Bond from Dr. No to Die Another Day plus Never Say Never Again 24/7. A month of Bond. What more could you ask for? It's Bond.... James Bond.

@vinnie-Indeed, nobody does it better than Bond. I'd be a fool to turn down a marathon of James Bond.

Chris said...

I like your suggestions for new oscar categories. Trouble is if you add them then deserving films from the past somehow miss out on these new awards which is a shame.

Not seen any of Breillat’s work yet. Fat Girl looks divisive/controversial. Glad you loved it.

That’s a lot of Bond! Dalton was my least favorite Bond when I was younger. As the years go by, I realize he is going for something darker and realistic and I admire him for that choice as it defied expectations.

Sounds like you got your money’s worth with that great concert

thevoid99 said...

@Chris-I only paid about $40 for that show as I got it at a discount because I showed up at the venue months earlier. What a show. Still a little sore from all of the excitement but it was worth it.

You're right about the bad thing about adding the new categories which do suck considering that there were so many films in the past that should've gotten some accolades for their work. Look at all of those James Bond films and the stuff that Jackie Chan did. The stunt team should've been given some accolades for their work. The same thing with the dance choreographers in the past.