Saturday, December 26, 2020

Blog News: Blog Plans for 2021


Well, this was a horrendous year as the unexpected happen in the fact that a worldwide pandemic occurred and everything went to shit. Everything I had planned for the year went to shit and I lost some momentum and I also felt stifled by everything that had happened. I don't know when I even plan on returning to the movie theaters when it is safe again as 2020 just absolutely fucking sucked. I am aware that as early into the new year, things will be just as slow as I now have a niece coming in March as I doubt I can do some big projects though I am hoping to revive some of them for the new year.

Hoping that I can get some money from whatever stimulus check I can get, I will use some of it to purchase a Blu-Ray player as it is time to catch up and watch a lot of films that aren't on DVD. Yet, there is more to offer as there's so many things coming in streaming services though I am not a fan of the new strategy that Warner Brothers and HBO Max is doing to release new films on the same day they're out in the movie theaters. Given that I have a bunch of films in my never-ending DVR list, there are also films, shorts, and docs from all of these special features from many of DVD/Blu-Rays that I own as I've made a list of these films that I also hope to watch as to diversify more. Even in some of the films that I have chosen to watch for the 2021 Blind Spot Series.

I still plan on taking part in the 52 Films by Women pledge as I hope to reach 52 films in the new year as well as the Thursday Movie Picks. Yet, there are also some unfinished projects such as re-starting the MCU is Cinema project in anticipation for the arrival of the fourth phase. Then there's the Cannes Film Festival marathon that I do every May as I was unable to do it in 2019 because of my dad and I ended up not doing it this year because of the pandemic. If there isn't going to be one for the next year, then I will focus on planning for the 2022 Cannes Film Festival marathon which will be an all Palme d'Or edition.
Usually, when it comes to planning things. There's things that I want to do as I want to start from scratch on watching The Story of Film series that I never finished while I've also thought about doing a tribute to B-movie filmmaker Andy Sidaris in re-watching his franchise of Girls, Guns, and G-Strings as he's someone in a shortlist of filmmakers I want to cover for the Auteurs series. The Auteurs series is something I hope to revive as I was forced to cancel everything in 2019 because of my dad while I was hoping to re-start everything again in 2020 but the pandemic happened. Fortunately, I do have access to a few of the films that I need to watch while searching for an obscure film or two. The one on Kelly Reichardt will happen some time between January and March and then I'll do J.C. Chandor for the spring. Then there's Michael Mann and David Lean who I also had listed for the past two years as I plan on doing those two for the second half of the new year and then I'll make plans for what will be for the 2022.

I think that is all I have been planning for the new year as I don't have any interest to create anything for my music blog in The Void-Go-Round unless bands begin to tour again. Everything right now is up in the air as I might go with these plans or it will be another duldrum year. Until then, this is thevoid99 signing off...

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Dell said...

It's been a tough year for all of us. I hope we both have a better 2021. I'm still formulating my own blogging plans so I get how tough it is going forward right now.

Brittani Burnham said...

I hope you reach all your blogging goals in 2021! This year was a mess. I managed to watch over 52 films directed by women this year so far, so I'm happy with that. I'm also going to go for that again in 2021, but hopefully it won't take me until December to hit #52.

Katy said...

2020 made things so difficult to feel motivated to complete or try. I hope 2021 makes it a little easier to reach your blogging and personal goals.

VinnieH said...

Looks like you’ve got some good stuff ahead of you to watch. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.