Monday, December 26, 2022

Blog News: Blog Plans for 2023


2022 is coming to an end as I'm currently taking it easy while trying to finish my final Blind Spot films for the year. This was a year where things sort of got back to normal but also the fact that a lot of things are changing and it's become quite chaotic. Especially as I'm around two kids who run around a lot as I barely have time to watch anything though so far, I have managed to nearly fulfill everything that I wanted to do while long-gestating projects again fell by the wayside. Still, I ended up venturing into places that I didn't expect to go into but also make some discoveries and finish a few things along the way. All of which is also leading to a new world and going beyond as I'm saying goodbye to the world that is cable as that has become a financial burden that I want no part of anymore as my mother and I are trying to figure out the next step in having access to a lot of things that is available on cable television but without the burden of a cable service as we want to go full-on streaming.

Thanks to Disney+, MUBI, Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV+, and many others, I was able to see that there is a world out there where I can watch what is available without having to download something illegally. 2023 will be another year where the usual happen as I've already announced my Blind Spot Series for the new year while I will also take part in the 52 Films by Women pledge as I was able to fulfill it this year. There's also the list from Criterion DVD/Blu-Ray special features as it is something I hope to venture into as a way to have something to watch without the need to write a full review of it.

There won't be as many full reviews for 2023 mainly due to timing and the fact that it takes me 2 days to finish a full review depending on the film as I'm also taking part in watching TV shows and such where there is just other things I want to do. That is something I'm doing where I will take a step back from doing more full reviews in favor of just watching things, logging it on my Letterboxd account, and then reflect on it and maybe write a full review it later on. Then there's the Cannes Film Festival marathon where instead of doing it for the duration of the festival, I will do it for the entirety of May instead as it would give me more time to watch these films and not put any pressure into watching it on a certain day.
Then there's the Auteurs series as I've been struggling to get back to it as my piece on Kelly Reichardt remains 1/4 finished as the reason I'm stalling it is because she premiered a new film this year that will arrive in theaters in 2023 as I want to include that into the Auteurs essay on her. Other subjects such as J.C. Chandor and Michael Mann also have new films coming as it's another reason they've been postponed and then there's David Lean as I know own Summertime on Blu-Ray and with a short film of his available online as I will get to him once I finish the other three first. There are a lot of other filmmakers that I do want to profile like Celine Sciamma whom I've become a fan of as well as Ari Aster and Robert Eggers as those 3 are definite future profiles for the Auteurs series. There are also unfinished projects as Twin Peaks is something I do want to finish and I want to get around to it while the MCU is Cinema thing that I did in 2019 and stopped in 2020 is something I will get back to in a few years when the Multiverse Saga is finished. Aside from these unfinished projects, there is one big project I do plan on doing for 2023.
2023 will be the 20th anniversary of the release of Lost in Translation as anyone who has read this blog know about my love for this film as I've watched it once every year (except for 2020) as I've thought about doing something for its 20th anniversary. Now that I have purchased a Blu-Ray copy of the film, I hope to go into depth about this film and its impact on myself and cinema itself. It's currently in the pre-production stage through an outline as I plan to present this whole thing from August 29 to September 21st. It's going to feature lists, scene analysis, tidbits on the collaborators and other things. It is something that I want to do and I hope to do and hopefully never do again unless I'm asked to do something for its 25th, 30th, 50th anniversary.

Well, I think that is all for what is to come as 2022 isn't over yet. I'm again doubtful about the status of The Void-Go-Round as I've lost interest in writing about music though I do plan on subscribing to Apple Music as I'm now planning to get a new laptop within the new year or the year after. Until then, this is thevoid99 signing off...

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Brittani Burnham said...

Cutting cable isn't as hard as it seems! I was surprised at how easy it was. I found ways to watch nearly everything I missed.

thevoid99 said...

@Brittani-It's something I want to do but for my mother. It is completely new territory that she doesn't know about and is still unsure.