Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blog News 2/1/11

Hello fellow readers and bloggers,

After what has been a crazy month of watching films in the theaters and spending lots of money.  I'm about to take a break from watching films in the theaters until March.  For me, that's when the real film-watching season begins.  For this month in anticipation for the Oscars, I'm going to watch films that are nominated for Oscars that I've recently downloaded.  Among them are Dogtooth, Rabbit Hole, Animal Kingdom, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Barney's Year, and the two films that are nominated for Best Picture that I haven't seen in The Kids are All Right and Winter's Bone.

These films along with a few more will give me a chance to catch up on what I missed last year though my final list of the best of films 2010 will come much later.  Other projects I will be doing are my 2000s films marathon along with a few DVD reviews of films by Zhang Yimou and David Fincher's The Social Network.  Another project that I'm thinking of doing is an essay, or rambling thoughts, on Sofia Coppola's Somewhere which is currently my favorite film of 2010.

Finally, there's the Todd Haynes Auteurs project that I will finally do later in the month as I will watch his films and do DVD reviews of his work in anticipation for the release of Mildred Pierce this coming March.

As far as my plans to do Criterion DVD reviews for Antichrist and Che, I've decided to push those projects to May as I've decided to have my Cannes Film Festival marathon with those two films attached along with others that played at the Cannes Film Festival in the past.  Until then, this is thevoid99 signing off for now.


Castor said...

Great plan! Certainly, January-Mars is pretty much a dead period during which I usually don't see more than 1 or 2 movies at the theater. I still have to catch up with The King's Speech, Dogtooth, and The Way Back among others.

thevoid99 said...

Yeah, it's a chance for me to just stay home and chill. Plus, give me a chance to save some money and not go anywhere. I'm going to start with the Best Picture nominees that I haven't gotten a chance to see this past year.