Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog News 12/27/12: 2013 Blog Plans

2012 is coming to a close as I'm set to post the last slew of reviews for the year as well as another monthly report though I doubt there will be one for the year except for a year-end reflections piece. Despite going through some personal issues as well as some setbacks that forced me to abandon various projects including some for my music blog The Void-Go-Round which has been inactive for a very long time. A lot of which is my fault due to lack of interest and other issues while the Favorite Film essays series was stopped due to lack of inspiration, over-writing, and writer's block.

The Favorite Film series will return although I have no idea what film will I write about. I have some ideas but it's just that I need the urge to finally write something and not over-think it. That's why the essays for the Dollars Trilogy and Secretary fell apart. The former is because I was just going through a lot of things and some bad medication as it didn't help things and I was extremely unsatisfied with the results. The latter was due to the fact that I over-wrote everything. With this essay series, I'm going to go into a new approach in the hopes that I don't do something like this ever again.

Despite that setback, there was one essay series that has managed to do well with the Auteurs series. It was a major success. I got a chance to watch and re-watch films by filmmakers I was familiar with while exploring those who I haven't been familiar with. For me, it was a major accomplishment starting this off with Lars von Trier and closing the year with Stanley Kubrick. 2013 will be just as interesting as I've already made final selection for the filmmakers I will do for 2013:

January-Ang Lee

February-Jean-Pierre Jeunet

March-Whit Stillman

April-Nicole Holofcener

May-Baz Luhrmann

June-August-Woody Allen (a special Auteurs edition in three/four parts)

September-Jane Campion

October-David Cronenberg

November-Jim Jarmusch

December-Wong Kar-Wai

I should also note that there will be some additional updates from past Auteurs pieces to catch up with some upcoming releases from those filmmakers who are still making films like Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola as they will get new additional chapters written.

Along with the Blind Spot series that I will be participating in. There will a slew of reviews of films and filmmakers I hope to do. Some of which will be films I had never seen before and some that I have seen. The Cannes Marathon will be around for May while there won't be any other special marathons that's coming around. Here are some of the ideas I plan to do for 2013:

  • Explore the films of Merchant-Ivory, John Cassavetes, Orson Welles, and Jean Vigo as well the films of the Japanese New Wave, Italian Neorealism, French New Wave, Iranian New Wave, and other genres/movements.
  • Do complete works on the films of Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Terry Gilliam, Robert Altman, Steven Soderbergh, Krzystof Kieslowski, Luis Bunuel, Akira Kurosawa, Mel Brooks, and other filmmakers for possible future Auteurs subjects for 2014.
  • Retrieve and re-write/revise old reviews from of filmmakers like Robert Altman and Francois Ozon as well as write new reviews of films by David O. Russell and Spike Jonze along with whatever leftovers from
  • Write reviews of franchises like the Rocky movies and whatever else that's available on TV.

These will be among the many ideas that I have for this blog as I also hope to do some extensive work on the blog itself in order to improve things. Create index pages, banners, and all sorts of things just to so that readers could navigate through the blog much easier. Also give it a makeover and such.

Finally, there's the big project that I plan to do for this blog. It is called LiT 10. A tenth-anniversary project to celebrate the release of my all-time favorite film Lost in Translation in which I will do a scene-by-scene analysis on the film as well as discuss many ideas into Sofia Coppola's direction, the performances of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, the film's soundtrack, and many other things relating to the film. I currently have no idea when it will start but I do hope to have it done by late September 2013.

That's pretty much it for what will come ahead though I'm still unsure about what to do with The Void-Go-Round as I definitely don't have any interest in writing music. Though I do plan on either deleting and retrieving whatever material I have left at as I hope to completely sever all ties with the site by the end of 2014. I also hope to attend film festivals for 2013 as there's a possibility I'll try to go to Toronto. If not, the Savannah Film Festival nearby.

Well, that is pretty much it for what will be ahead for 2013. I hope this year will have me accomplishing some things as my other work in trying to write screenplays has been very slow. It's just hard to jot down ideas and such as I ended up shelving one project as I'm also working on another at the moment. I hope to get something going. Until then, let's make 2013 a good year.

(C) thevoid99 2012


Chris said...

Look forward to your LiT 10 project, love that film and soundtrack!

I hope you are doing better health wise now, and wishing you all the best for 2013.

Diana said...

Those are some great ideas, I always love reading your auters posts. I wish you a great and interesting 2013!

thevoid99 said...

@Chris-It's going to be an elaborate piece. I'm not sure when it will start. It'll come in during unexpected moments throughout the year.

@Diana-Thank you. I hope 2013 is a good year.

Dan Heaton said...

Hooray for Whit Stillman! I can't wait to find out what you think of his movies. I'll also be excited to check out your Wong Kar Wai posts. I went through most of his movies last summer. Great ideas across the board!

thevoid99 said...

@Dan Heaton-Whit Stillman is a filmmaker whose work I've always been interested in. I've only seen The Last Days of Disco. I hope to do everything else now and review everything. As for Kar-Wai, I've only seen a handful of his work and I really want to catch up on everything else including The Grandmasters.