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Written, edited, and directed by Jonas Cuaron, Aningaaq is a seven-minute short film about Inuit fisherman who talks to an astronaut stranded in outer space through a two-way radio. The short is an accompanying piece to the 2013 film Gravity that Jonas co-wrote with his father Alfonso as it features the voice of Sandra Bullock with Orto Ignatiussen as the titular character. The result is a fascinating short from Jonas Cuaron.

The film is essentially a scene where an Inuit fisherman is fishing at a fjord where he tries to communicate through a two-way radio for help only to finding himself talking to the stranded astronaut Ryan Stone (the voice of Sandra Bullock). It’s a scene that showcases the point of view of Aningaaq who is just a simple fisherman as he has no idea what Stone is talking about yet they manage to communicate in this very poignant scene. It’s a simple piece that is directed with such simplicity by Jonas Cuaron that showcases a moment that is happening from the other side as it features the same voice and dialogue that the Stone character is talking to as she is stranded alone in outer space trying to survive.

Through Cuaron’s methodical yet understated editing and his gazing camera where he creates some unique compositions. It’s a short that is just full of these tender yet touching moments that is also captured with such beauty by cinematographer Alexis Zabe as well as the evocative sound design of Pablo Lach that would underscore Steven Price’s music in the background. Even as the film features some low-key yet effective visual effects by Kyle McCullough and Raul Prado to help play into the film’s story. Yet, the film really belongs to Orto Ignatiussen who is full of charm in this very understated performance. Overall, Jonas Cuaron creates a truly mesmerizing short film in Aningaaq that serves as a fitting companion to his father’s film Gravity.


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