Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Auteurs #27: Jim Jarmusch

A filmmaker who is the total definition of being an outsider, Jim Jarmusch is a man who makes the kind of films that he wants to make without the interference or input of Hollywood. A man who is unabashed film buff and isn’t afraid to show those influences, he is a filmmaker that continues to entrance audiences with his unique ideas of storytelling that all explore the world of outsiders and individuals who don’t fit into a certain idea that is common with society. Though he doesn’t make films very often which is one of the drawbacks of being an independent filmmaker. He always put out something that always get people talking no matter what kind of film he makes as he returns in 2013 with an unusual take on the vampire mythology in Only Lovers Left Alive.

Born James R. Jarmusch on January 22, 1953 at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in the U.S., Jarmusch grew up in a middle-class suburbia as his mother was a local film critic who introduced her son to all sorts of films ranging from B-movie double features to the American films of the time. Though film was one thing he loved as a kid, it was literature through the encouragement of his grandmother that would shape his upbringing. Coming of age in the 1960s, Jarmusch discovered the underground American films of Robert Downey and Andy Warhol that prompted him to want to leave Ohio as he attended Northwestern University in 1971 for a brief time only to be transferred to Columbia University in New York City.

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