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Summer of Twin Peaks: Episode 5-Cooper's Dream

Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by Mark Frost, the fifth episode of Twin Peaks entitled Cooper’s Dream revolves around the discovery of Leo Johnson’s blood-stained shirt that Bobby Briggs put in the apartment home of Jacques Renault. Special Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, Deputy Hawk, and Dr. Hayward all check out what is in Renault’s apartment where they find some clues into the work that Renault and Johnson are up to. It’s an episode where it is not just about a series of investigations where Audrey Horne, James Hurley, and Donna Hayward trek into their own journeys to find out what is going on where Hurley and Hayward ask Laura’s cousin Maddy for help.

The episode does find a balance of quirky humor with some suspense and drama as there’s also some looming tension as it relates to Hank Jennings’ return to society as he promises Norma to do right though it is clear he might have a history with Josie Packard. Hank’s return would put Norma’s affair with Ed Hurley on hold while Benjamin Horne’s attempt to buy the Martell saw mill is getting closer with Catherine Martell wanting to ruin Packard. It’s an episode that plays into a lot of elements in the underworld as Mark Frost would write events and little subplots that play into not just how Laura Palmer’s death would unravel some of the things in the town but also how things become more complicated as it relates to her own activities.

One major subplot involves Bobby Briggs and his affair with Shelley Johnson as the latter reveals she had bought a gun as the two pretend to play with it while Briggs would finally unveil a more tormented side of himself during a session with Dr. Jacoby as it relates to Laura. It’s a moment where Dana Ashbrook’s performance definitely shows a lot of layers as someone who has some depth and makes Briggs a character who isn’t just some good-looking bad boy but one who is very troubled. Sherilyn Fenn’s performance as Audrey Horne is another standout not just due to the script but also in Audrey’s motivations as she would blackmail her father’s department store boss to get her a job where she would work to investigate what Laura and Ronette would do. Even as it showcased more of her attraction towards Agent Cooper.

Lesli Linka Glatter’s direction is very mesmerizing in the compositions as well as matching the elements of suspense and humor such as a scene where Cooper, Truman, Hawk, and Dr. Hayward meet with the log lady who would reveal some things that her log claims to have seen. It would be a key break into the story while the episode would also feature moments of humor as Cooper is annoyed by visiting Icelanders for a business convention held by Benjamin and Jerry Horne. A business meeting and later a party that would set the course for some of the elements of greed that looms over Benjamin but also a moment that shows Leland Palmer losing it. Yet, it’s one of the final scenes of the episode that involves the Johnsons that becomes a major turning point as their story ends in a cliffhanger.

Cooper’s Dream is a phenomenal episode of Twin Peaks thanks in large part to Mark Frost’s script and Lesli Linka Glatter’s direction. It’s an episode that ends on a high note into what will happen next while keeping this mysterious about what happened and what is going on. In the end, Cooper’s Dream is a dazzling and riveting episode from Lesli Linka Glatter.

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