Saturday, October 31, 2015

Films That I Saw: October 2015

Well, I will have to say that 2015 isn’t a good year. I missed out on a lot of films. I found myself not having money some of the time and things weren’t going so great. Then on October 9, my dog Prissy passed away having been in my family for 16-17 years via natural causes. The past several months have been difficult as myself and my parents had to clean up some of the mess she did while dealing with the fact that she was becoming blind. The last night was pretty bad as we all heard her howling in pain as we tried to comfort her as she was lying on a comforter in the kitchen. Then in the morning, the inevitable happened as my parents put her in a box and sent her to an animal mortuary. It is a total bummer as my own cat Smokey is trying to adjust to it while the family agreed that we’re not getting another dog for a very long time. At least I know my dog is up in heaven with my sister Cynthia who died six years ago as they’re probably playing with my maternal grandmother who died four years ago.

In the month of October, I saw a total of 37 films in 26 first-timers and 11 re-watches. More than last month as I would say this one was the most fun I had in terms of the films I saw. The biggest highlight of the month has been my Blind Spot assignment in Suspiria. Here are the top 10 First-Timers that I saw in October 2015:

1. House

2. Dressed to Kill

3. Dial M for Murder

4. Steve Jobs

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

6. Escape from New York

7. To Catch a Thief

8. Christine

9. In the Mouth of Madness

10. Crimson Peak

Monthly Mini-Reviews

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

HBO and its other channels have been showing a lot of the DC Comics animation films lately as I managed to watch this one. I thought it was pretty good as it revolved around Superman and Batman dealing with the new arrival in Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El who would later become Supergirl. It’s an engaging and adventurous animated film that has something fans of the heroes as well as fans of Wonder Woman will enjoy. Even as it features scenes of Kara trying to adjust to her new environment with the aid of Superman as Clark Kent.

Horrible Bosses 2

I thought the first film was alright but this one isn’t so good. It’s not funny at all. In fact, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day are even dumber in this film than in the first one. The only people who really put in any effort to do anything are Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Pine as Pine is actually the most interesting one of them all. Other than that, it was just boring to watch as it just rehashes everything that went on in the first film but it’s just lazy and idiotic.

Just Before I Go

Courtney Cox definitely shows her chops here as a filmmaker as she makes a film that is actually quite engaging. It’s revolves around a man who returns to his hometown to settle some scores before he decides to kill himself as Seann William Scott shows that he has a lot more to offer than being known as Stifler. Adding to his engaging performance is a brilliant supporting turn from Olivia Thirlby as the granddaughter of one of his former nemesis. It’s got some quirks and such while it also plays into some of things people deal with in life. While it is flawed, it is worth checking out not just for its story but also its cast including Scott and Thirlby.

Top 10 Re-Watches:

1. Eraserhead

2. Beetlejuice

3. Blow Out

4. The Others

5. Carrie

6. Shrek

7. Raising Cain

8. Lucy

9. Vampires

10. Rugrats in Paris

Well, that is all for October. Next month will be a return to more diverse films as films by Jean-Luc Godard, Agnes Varda, Mira Nair, Powell & Pressburger, and the entire The Decline of Western Civilization trilogy by Penelope Spheeris. Also coming in November aside from theatrical releases like SPECTRE, The Good Dinosaur, and The Peanuts Movie will be a list of films that I hope will go to the Criterion Collection next year or soon. My upcoming Auteurs pieces on David Lynch is still in the works as I will do more work on his short films, music videos, and a couple more of his features while the Twin Peaks marathon I think is likely to continue through December in which I hope to finish by the end of the year. Until then, Happy Halloween.

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Chris said...

Sorry for your loss, must be difficult for you, your family, and your cat

You watched some great horror classics in October, and I did as well. I love the atmosphere and music of Dario Argento's work, he had a great run from 1970-1987.

Anonymous said...

Same to you - and happy watching.

thevoid99 said...

@Chris-Yeah, we're still dealing with the loss of the dog as our cat is trying to cause trouble. At least we have him and my sister's dog Chester. As for the world of horror, I had a lot of fun and I wanna do it again for next year.'re welcome.

ruth said...

Sorry to hear about your dog Prissy, Steven! You saw some pretty good films this month. Well thanks to TCFF, I saw a ton of films in October. Can't believe the film fest has just wrapped, my recap post is about to go up shortly.

thevoid99 said...

@ruth-Thanks. I just read your recap, that must've been a fun festival. This was a good month in terms of film-watching.