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Twin Peaks: Episode 12-The Orchid's Curse

Directed by Graeme Clifford and written by Barry Pullman, the fifth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks entitled The Orchid’s Curse revolves around Special Agent Cooper’s attempt to rescue Audrey Horne from the hands of Jean Renault as he makes a discovery about the note she wrote to him which he hadn’t received while he watches over Leland Palmer’s trial and the decision over the now comatose Leo Johnson as the latter is coming home with Shelly and Bobby Briggs watching over him. It’s an episode where different paths start to emerge for the central characters where Cooper makes a plan to save Audrey as well as a plot by Donna Hayward and Maddy Ferguson to retrieve Laura Palmer’s diary from Harold Smith.

In the latter, it’s Donna’s attempt to try and make-up with Maddy after their issues over Maddy’s feelings for James Hurley as Donna tries to woo Smith in order to get the diary which she thinks is key to the mystery of her death. Yet, things become very complicated as Donna learns the severity of Smith’s agoraphobia as well as how plans can go wrong. The plan for Audrey’s rescue would be less complicated though both Benjamin Horne and Jean Renault would have different ideas of how to handle things with Horne hiring Hank Jennings to take care of some things including the money. Renault meanwhile has plans of his own where it’s more about getting leverage on Horne’s finances as well as complete control of One-Eyed Jack’s.

While it is a largely serious episode, there are elements of humor as it relates to Shelly Johnson and Bobby Briggs getting ready for Leo’s homecoming as well as Nadine Hurley returning from the hospital as it is one of the funniest moments of the episode. With Andy filling for Lucy and learning about his own sperm count, it’s one of the finest episodes of the second season as there’s also some intriguing moments that goes on. Most notably the arrival of the Japanese businessman Mr. Tojamura (Fumio Yamaguchi) who has a big business proposition for Benjamin Horne with money that is quite funny. It’s an episode that has this unique balance of intrigue, drama, and humor where a lot of things are coming together as well as some elements of the story that is starting to have some closure.

The Orchid’s Curse is a sensational episode of Twin Peaks from Graeme Clifford and writer Barry Pullman. It’s an episode that manages to make some closure on a few subplots but also pave the way for other things to happen as the mystery over who killed Laura Palmer continues. Even as it has this nice mix of chaos, mystery, and drama that makes the show so exciting. In the end, The Orchid’s Curse is a phenomenal episode of Twin Peaks by Graeme Clifford.

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