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Twin Peaks: Episode 15-Drive with a Dead Girl

Directed by Caleb Deschanel and written by Scott Frost, the eighth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks entitled Drive with a Dead Girl revels in the aftermath of not just Benjamin Horne’s arrest but also in the revelation into who really killed Laura Palmer. With Jerry Horne arriving to represent his brother where it is clear that the two are in trouble over their connection with One Eyed Jack’s, it is clear that Horne is in big trouble while Leland Palmer is in total disbelief over the fact that Horne is a suspect as he starts to act very odd during a following meeting with Special Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman on the way to the country club.

It’s an episode where there are many revelations about the identity of Laura Palmer’s killers but also into the things about Benjamin Horne as he is major suspect but isn’t the man that killed her. When Pete Martell arrived at the station to talk about Truman about Josie’s recent departure, he would also meet Horne with a message that proved to be just as shocking. What happens would be a bad day for Horne as he is then examined by the possessed Philip Gerard who believes that killer is close. While Truman thinks Horne did it, Cooper doesn’t think so as he thinks there is more that is happening.

It’s an episode where the audiences know who is the killer but also into the strange events that is happening in the town following the return of one of its residents. Still, there are a few subplots that occur as it relates to a few residents such as Norma Jennings who receives a visit from her mother (Jane Greer) who reveals she is married as she introduces her husband (James Booth) to Norma as Hank knows the man from prison which Norma doesn’t know. Another subplot involves Lucy as she returns home with her sister Gwen (Kathleen Wilhoite) as it causes more baffling questions about who could’ve impregnated Lucy along with a quick-rich scheme from Bobby Briggs who discovers the content from Leo's tape recorder. It’s among some of the humorous moments of the episode yet it is largely about the mystery involving the killer.

Especially in the final minutes where a body is found as it becomes clear the killer is loose where Cooper just as he was talking to Audrey Horne who asks him about her father. It’s an episode that is more simplistic and less plot-driven where Caleb Deschanel maintains certain visuals that is hallmarks of the series as well as a quirky flashback sequence with offbeat edits as it relate to Ben and Jerry Horne’s childhood past.

Drive with a Dead Girl is a spectacular episode of Twin Peaks from Caleb Deschanel. Not only does it create a lot of intrigue into the mystery of Laura Palmer’s death but also play into the person who killed her and those who are suspected into her death. Even as it becomes clear that just as everyone thinks they’re closer to solving the mystery, there’s more bumps ahead. In the end, Drive with a Dead Girl is an exhilarating episode of Twin Peaks from Caleb Deschanel.

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