Monday, February 19, 2018

Two Cars, One Night

Written and directed by Taika Waititi, Two Cars, One Night is the story of two boys and a girl who meet at a car park where one of the boys finds himself falling in love. The eleven-minute short film explores the idea of first love in a simple yet enchanting setting. Starring Rangi Ngamoki and Hutini Waikato. Two Cars, One Night is a dazzling yet enchanting film from Taika Waititi.

Set in a car park at a pub in a small, rural town in New Zealand, the film revolves around two boys in a car as they see a girl in a car beside them. Though the eldest boy and girl start off not liking each other, they become fascinated with one another as writer/director Taika Waititi uses a simple setting for this interaction to come to life. Even as it play into elements of humor where they mock each other but then realize that there is a sense of attraction. Waititi’s direction does bear elements of style as anything outside of the story is told in a speedy, time-lapse style yet much of his approach to the compositions are straightforward. Waititi’s usage of close-ups and medium shots play into the interaction of the characters as well as how they bond. There is some uncertainty into how long this interaction will last or will it ever continue but Waititi displays a tenderness into the idea of first love. Overall, Waititi creates a compelling yet charming film about first love in a car park.

Cinematographer Adam Clark does brilliant work with the film’s black-and-white cinematography as it play into the locations as well as the usage of lights of cars that pass by. Editor Owen Ferrier-Kerr does excellent work with the editing with its usage of time-lapse speed edits and jump-cuts. Art director Simon Harper does nice work with a few of the exterior look of the pub. Visual effects supervisor Tim Capper does terrific work with a few of the visuals for the time-lapse sequences. Sound editor/recordist Nic McGowan does superb work with the sound in how cars sound as they pass by as well as what is heard in the pub from the outside. The film’s music by Craig Sengelow is wonderful for its low-key score as it is mainly some ambient-based guitar sounds with vocals in the background for the film’s final credits.

The film’s amazing cast feature notable small roles from Dion Waikato and Riwai Waka as a couple of men passing by and Te Ahiwaru Ngamoki-Richards as the youngest boy in the car named Ed. The incredible performances of Rangi Ngamoki and Hutini Waikato in their respective roles as Romeo and Polly are a joy to watch in how they naturally approach each other and their conversation which has a mixture of humor and uncertainty.

Two Cars, One Night is a marvelous film from Taika Waititi. It’s a fascinating 11-minute short film that displays a lot of innocence told with light-hearted humor. In the end, Two Cars, One Night is a remarkable film from Taika Waititi.

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Chris said...

I fear Waititi will stop making these sweet, smaller films. Hopefully he doesn't forget where he comes from, as it would be a shame if he only directs blockbusters from now on.

thevoid99 said...

@Chris-I hope he does make smaller films though I loved Thor: Ragnarok. I know his next project might either be the sequel to What We Do in the Shadows or the film about Bubbles the chimp. I just hope he continues with his themes on comedy/tragedy.