Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Marvel Cinematic Universe is Cinema Announcement

When the first Iron Man film arrived in May of 2008, it felt like it was just another superhero film but it ended up being the start of something much bigger. 11 years later and 22 more films to follow, audiences became captivated by not just a series of films about superheroes but something much more. With billions and billions and billions of dollar being grossed, a fan base that is loyal to these films and the culture it brought, and audiences wanting more. There has been questions about the merit of these films that has raised discussions among film critics, moviegoers, film buffs, and filmmakers. Some of which made claims that these films don't belong in the same tier as other films that are often put in many lists of all-time great films. Others have disagreed and gave their own opinions about this subject as it adds more questions than answers about these films and their worth. What the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done is essentially create isn't just some film franchise but something bigger. The chance to bring in movies of different superheroes and have them come together for something big as if they all live in the same universe. 23 different movies in the span of 11 years have created something special as it's time to celebrate these films as cinema.

To celebrate this monumental event as well as serve as a post-mortem to the Infinity Saga era of the MCU, a seven-part series to celebrate its films, its characters, and everything else that made the Marvel Cinematic Universe so special will come. Not just through lists and essays but also so much more in the following:

1. Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe Cinema?

2. The Infinity Saga Ranked & Other Assortments

3. The 40 MCU Heroes Ranked & the Anti-Heroes

4. Villains Ranked

5. The Supporting Players & Stan Lee

6. 50 Scenes that Define the MCU

7. Small lists & A Look into Phase 4 and Beyond

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Brittani Burnham said...

Very cool! I'm looking forward to reading this.

Chris said...

I’ll be back for your is MCU cinema? post which is a debate I’ve been following.

thevoid99 said...

@Brittani-Thank. I'm nearly done with the first part though I already have a list for the films of the Infinity Series ranked. There's just a few shorts that I need to watch and re-watch.

@Chris-I'm adding a couple of links to the post in relation to this debate just to spread the word.

Katy said...
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