Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Auteurs #34: Jean Vigo

Despite having a very short filmography that consists of two shorts, a featurette, and one feature-length film in the span of four years until his death at the of 29 in 1934 to tuberculosis. Jean Vigo is a filmmaker who would redefine the idea of what cinema can be as he was part of a movement in 1930s French cinema known as poetic realism. Though his films were made during a moment in cinema that was moving away from silent films and into something much grander. They would eventually have a major influence in cinema as the French New Wave of the 1960s would acknowledge Vigo as a primary influence as a prize would be awarded in his name to new filmmakers in French cinema.

Born on April 26, 1905 in Paris, France, Vigo was the son or a renowned anarchist in Eugeni Bonaventura de Vigo i Salles who is more famous for the adopted name Miguel Almereyda. During that time where Vigo spent much of his childhood on the run with his family, he would eventually be sent to a boarding school under the name Jean Sales to conceal his true identity as his father was strangled to death in August of 1917 at the Fresnes Prison supposedly by authorities. Though Vigo would be under the name of Jean Sales, the discovery of his true identity would often shun him away from prestigious schools until he was finally accepted to boarding school as his experiences would be the basis for one of his films.

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