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Blog News 12/26/14: 2015 Blog Plans

A new year is emerging and it's definitely going to be big based on the recent list of films for 2015 that are coming as 2 more lists of what is coming in 2015 will emerge sometime in the final days of the year or in the New Year. I would've finished this earlier but the flu forced me to relax and take a breather. The illness definitely set me back a bit as I won't surpass my record of 472 films but I'm fine with that. Besides, it's time to look ahead at the things I'm planning to do for 2015 as it's going to be a big deal as this coming July will mark the 15th Anniversary of my writing/reviewing career as well as the moment that I used this blog to go at it alone back in 2010.

The Favorite Films essay series has been unfortunately dormant as I blame myself for it. I had bits and pieces of an essay on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy about 1/3 finished but writer's block forced me to put the essay in limbo. I'm trying to get back in that world but it ain't going to be easy. Even as there's so many films I want to write about but either I haven't found the time or just couldn't come up with any ideas which is why it's been in limbo as does my attempt to write my own scripts haven't been finished and often left dormant. That is also my fault.

I have thought about reviving The Void-Go-Round music blog as something different as I have no interest in writing music reviews ever again. Instead, I want to use it to create lists on bands/artists as well as point people into what record to start with and such. I'm not sure if I will do it but it's something that's been floating around my head. As for Wrestling with the Void, I doubt that I will write about pro wrestling ever again due to my growing disillusionment with the WWE as I've already made the decision to not watch its programming ever again unless a miracle happens.

2015 will be a busy year as there's a lot of things I will do as I've finally fulfilled my 2014 Blind Spot Series obligations while I made the announcements over what's going to happen for next year with the list of films I will see for the 2015 Series. There's also a bunch of films that I plan to see for 2015 in all sorts of different genres and such as the watchlist that I've created for 2015 is an example of what I hope to do in the following:

  • Explore the works of such silent comedies stars as Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd as well as find more short films of Charlie Chaplin from his pre-United Artists period. 

  • Watch the films of old-school filmmakers like Billy Wilder, Howard Hawks, John Ford, and other American filmmakers during the 1930s to the 1960s to get an understanding of cinema in those times. 

  • Watch more films by such controversial filmmakers like Sam Peckinpah, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and John Carpenter to venture more into out there territory. 

  • Do more films from Asia, Latin America, and Europe in order to get a broader view of the world. 

  • Try to watch as many thematic-trilogies by some of the world's best filmmakers based on this list

  • The Cannes Film Festival Marathon of 2015 will be a return to just films that played at Cannes as it will include a few Palme d'Or winners as well as other films from filmmakers who are set to release new films during the festival's entirety from May 13 to May 24 of 2015.
These are the goals I want to achieve for 2015 as the list of trilogies is an ongoing project that I've been interested about as it relates to my own fascination with trilogies in cinema. As far as me attending film festivals, that is also up in the air at the moment as I'm not sure if it will happen or not. Then there's the Auteurs series as I've recently completed a 2-part Auteurs series on Francois Truffaut as my 40th subject (which will come out next month) as 2015 will be a little different in some ways as I'm approaching 50. Yet, I will not divulge the 50th subject as I want to keep it a surprise so here are the names I will cover for 2015:

January-Noah Baumbach

February-Julie Taymor

March-Julian Schnabel

April-Bong Joon-Ho

May-Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

June-Xavier Dolan

July-Bennett Miller

August-Gaspar Noe

September-Jacques Tati


The question mark is a mystery as I know who will do for that one but I'm going to be very mum about it. Here's a watchlist of the films by the filmmakers that I've announced that I will do while a few of them will be coming out with new films in 2015. Another thing I'm going to do for 2015 is to make a list of my favorite films (that isn't Lost in Translation) from 2000 to 2015 to celebrate that 15-year anniversary. So that is all that is ahead for this blog in 2015 as I will finish up a few things for 2014. Let's make 2015 a truly epic year.

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Chris said...

Have a great 2015! The silent era has a lot of good stuff to explore, I love Haneke's glaciation trilogy,and I've seen two from Orphic Trilogy, both of which I enjoyed. Look forward to your thoughts on them.
Besides the 12 blind spots reviews for next year, and I might do a book blind spot list like Fisti is doing.

thevoid99 said...

Thanks. I really want to do more silent films as I've watched about 3 episodes of the Story of Film series as I'm going to watch 2 more for the year and then do the rest and have it set for next year.

ruth said...

Wow I didn't know you have a music blog too. You're such a prolific blogger Steven, I look forward to what you have in store for us next year!

thevoid99 said...

@ruth-Well, I started my writing career writing about music through album reviews and such. Yet, that waned due to my love for cinema. It's just something up in the air as I have a lot of films that I want to see for the new year.

TheVern said...

Holy shit that is a lot of work you have in store for the new year. It's cool that you have written music reviews because I know a few local bands that I would be curious to read your thoughts about it. I really am interested to read more of your auteur series and your indepth reviews. If you have a twitter or facebook account I could share your posts better

thevoid99 said...

@TheVern-I don't do Twitter nor Facebook. I had an account on the latter but deleted it. I'm not really into social media. I prefer to let the work do the talking. As for the music thing, I don't know. I'll see what will happen in the coming days.