Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Films That I Saw: September 2015

The fall season has arrived as it looks like things are getting better after a bleak summer as I’m starting to get back on track financially as well as creatively though there’s still some bumps on the road. Nevertheless, I’m sort of back in full-writing mode as I’m getting ready for the next Auteurs piece as well as my remaining Blind Spots and other things to finish the year. Plus, I’ve been spending some time watching coverage of Pope Francis’ arrival in the U.S. and the time he spent as I’m Catholic and it’s really a big deal for my mother as his visit was really a positive one. Here is someone who really understands the more important things in life in a world where everyone has their own agenda as he thinks about others rather than himself.

In the month of September, I saw a total of 38 films in 25 first-timers and 9 re-watches. Definitely up from last month due to the fact that I saw a lot of first-timers which were mostly short films by Jacques Tati but not a lot of re-watches. The highlight of the month was definitely my Blind Spot assignment in Man with a Movie Camera. Here are the top 10 First-Timers that I saw for September 2015:

1. The Ascent

2. Stromboli

3. Bay of Angels

4. Journey to Italy

5. Donkey Skin

6. Reds

7. Mistress America

8. Europe '51

9. Mr. Turner

10. The Equalizer

Monthly Mini-Reviews

Dumb and Dumber To

I love Dumb and Dumber but let’s be honest, the Farrelly Brothers haven’t made a watchable film since Me, Myself, and Irene as I have a tendency to see how bad certain films are. This film is an indication that the Farrelly Brothers should just retire and go away for good. This wasn’t funny at all as the jokes feel forced and the fact that Lloyd and Harry are actually far more un-likeable in this film than the first one where they were loveable idiots. Here, it’s just a rehash of what they did but it’s meaner as well as not really caring about them in their new adventure.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

I’m not a fan of the series nor anything Shawn Levy does though this film was actually decent. Notably because of the stakes of trying to get this tablet to be fixed in London as well as the funny appearance of Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot as well as a hilarious cameo from Hugh Jackman. Yet, it’s also sort of sad considering that the film is one of Robin Williams’ final performances as well as a final performance from Mickey Rooney where the comedy isn’t overly silly while the stakes are actually more engaging.

Top 9 Re-Watches:

1. Lost in Translation

2. Jackie Brown

3. Traffic

4. Cars

5. Shrek the Third

6. Vertical Limit

7. Son of the Pink Panther

8. Staying Alive

9. Wild Wild West

Well, that is all for September. In October, the Auteurs piece on Jacques Tati will be released as well as a special tribute to the entire Auteurs series where I will announce the fiftieth Auteurs subject. Along with theatrical releases such as Sicario, The Walk, and Steve Jobs, the months of October will be devoted largely towards horror films from such masters as Brian de Palma, John Carpenter, Alfred Hitchcock, Tobe Hooper, and several others along with thrillers, noir, and other dark films. Until then, this is thevoid99 signing off…

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Dell said...

OMG, Staying Alive! Talk about craptacular! it was all I could do to keep from laughing hysterically just looking at that pic.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little in shock that it's the end of the month. Actually, it's past midnight, so I guess it's actually the beginning of a new month: even worse! I love the variety in your re-watches and I'm purple with shame at the few of your first timers that I haven't seen either. I didn't even know Mistress America was out yet! You were a busy movie-watcher this month!

Brittani Burnham said...

You saw so much. I love Lost in Translation, I can't help but say that every time I see someone talk about it.

Chris said...

Of those, I'm interested in watching The Ascent and Man with a Movie Camera

The pope washing and kissing people's feet is very powerful

Which horror films do you have planned? In October I want to see I Walked with a Zombie (1943). I may also watch the Evil Dead trilogy, although i have little interest in the new tv show Ash vs Evil Dead.

Anonymous said...

I almost watched Vertical Limit the other night...and then I realized that I packed it already! LOL...not that it's a great movie or anything, but I was trying to get someone to go see Everest with me and I figured that would be a nice substitute.


thevoid99 said...

@Wendell-It is so fucking bad, it's hilarious. I know it's a bad movie but I can't help but be entertained by how awful and how gay it is. just like to keep things interesting while Mistress America was playing at my local multiplex so I had to see it since I'm a Baumbach fan.

@Brittani-It's the best film ever made. Anyone who doesn't love it is a turd.

@Chris-Different kinds of films. One of which is a Blind Spot as I'm just going for whatever I have on my DVR.

@Fisti-Vertical Limit is flawed but I still think it's a pretty good film though Cliffhanger is still the better movie.

Unknown said...

I re-watched Lost in Translation too, and I totally re-fell in love with it!!!

thevoid99 said...

@Courtney Young-I re-watch that film every 21st of September not just to celebrate Bill Murray's birthday but also for the fact that the film means so much to me.