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Twin Peaks: Episode 11-Laura's Secret Diary

Directed by Todd Holland and written by Robert Engels, Mark Frost, Harley Peyton, and Jerry Stahl, the fourth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks entitled Laura’s Secret Diary relates to the mysterious diary of Laura Palmer that Harold Smith had been holding for some time as he reveals its contents to Donna Hayward. After meeting Maddy Ferguson to talk about the diary, Donna decides to call a truce with Maddy in order to work together while things in the town of Twin Peaks are starting to get strange. Notably as Leland Palmer has been arrested for Jacques Renault’s murder which he’s confessed to as he is later met by a judge (Royal Dano) to discuss what will happen to Palmer. Meanwhile, Andy talks to Dr. Hayward to see if he’s the father of Lucy’s baby while Dick Tremaine makes an offer to Lucy in one of the episode’s funniest subplots.

Yet, it’s an episode that balances the strange mix of humor, drama, and suspense where Josie Packard finally returns from Seattle as she meets with Pete Martell and Sheriff Truman as no one knows about whether Catherine is dead or alive. Still, Packard’s return would raise a lot of eyebrows as it relates to not just the land where the saw mill used to be and something more. Benjamin Horne would learn about Audrey’s whereabouts from Jean Renault as he turns to Special Agent Cooper for help in retrieving Audrey as he deals with the upcoming arrival of a famous hotel/food critic which also has Norma and Hank Jennings ready to get the diner to be in top shape. Yet, no one knows the identity of who this critic is while a mysterious Japanese businessman makes an arrival at the hotel.

The sense of mystery becomes prominent as Agent Cooper is calling on the town’s secret society to help him retrieve Audrey while there’s a lot going on as it relates to Leland Palmer as Ray Wise’s performance is definitely his best so far. The darker elements of the series do come to ahead when the power of Jean Renault is finally shown when he does something in front of an intoxicated Audrey as it reveals that as evil as he is. He’s also a man that can be reasonable and knows what to do in the world of business as Michael Parks bring a lot of charm to the performance. One aspect of the series that is revealed is the appearance of an Asian man who is revealed to be a relative of Packard as she orders him to take care of some loose ends.

Laura’s Secret Diary is a brilliant episode of Twin Peaks from Todd Holland as it maintains that sense of intrigue as well as introducing a lot more characters and motivations of some of the regulars. Especially as some action is taking place in relation to some of the stories and subplots as it is written with wit and mystery by its writers. In the end, Laura’s Secret Diary is an amazing episode in the second season of Twin Peaks.

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