Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2016 Blind Spot Series

With the year coming to close as I have one final film to watch for this year's Blind Spot Series as it will be Howard Hawks' 1932 film Scarface. Now that another series is about to end, another is starting to come as I'm once again shaking things up. This time around, the films I'm choosing aren't just some films that are now becoming available in the presentations that they deserve but also the kind of films that I've been hearing about but have never seen. My choices aren't just based on films that I wanted to see but also on filmmakers that I don't know much about and such as well as films that made an impact on cinema. Usually, it would be for a film a month for the series but having done a trilogy this year and doing a 10-part film series two years before. I decided that list would include not one but two trilogies as it will be sixteen films for 2016 instead of the usual twelve. Here are the 10 films and 2 trilogies that I will do for 2016:

Satyajit Ray's Apu Trilogy (Pather Panchali - Aparajito - Apur Sansar)

Das Boot

Come and See

Roman Holiday

A Brief History of Time

The Killer

John Ford's Calvary Trilogy (Fort Apache - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - Rio Grande)

Yi Yi

A Trip to the Moon

News from Home

Seven Beauties

The Exorcist

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Chris said...

Nice choices! Das Boot and Come and See are two great war films, I had them as blind spots previously. I rated both 9/10.
You haven't seen The Exorcist?! That surprises me.
Think I'll add The Killer (1989) to my 2016 blind spot list as well, I want to see that one.

Dell said...

I've seen Das Boot and The Exorcist. Both ate fantastic. Can't wait to see your thoughts on those.

Rebecca Sharp said...

I've also got the Apu trilogy and Come and See on my list too! (this year's Blind Spot and next years are focused on non-English language films) It'll be really interesting to see what you make of them! :)

thevoid99 said...

@Rebecca Sharp-I just recorded the Apu Trilogy a few days ago on TCM as my mother is interested in seeing them as she's never seen anything by Satyajit Ray and loves anything about India. Maybe they will be my first assignment for the New Year.