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Twin Peaks: Episode 14-Lonely Souls

Directed by David Lynch and written by Mark Frost, the fifteenth episode of Twin Peaks entitled Lonely Souls revolves around the break that Special Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman have been looking for as it relates to who might’ve killed Laura Palmer. While Cooper and Truman take the possessed Philip Gerard to the hotel, it is clear that the suspect is definitely near as Benjamin Horne becomes the major suspect after being asked by Audrey about One-Eyed Jack’s and secrets he had about Laura. Deputy Hawk would go to Harold Smith’s apartment to retrieve Laura’s diary where a discovery is made about Smith and the diary where Cooper looks into its contents where he and Truman conclude that Benjamin Horne might have some involvement in Laura’s death.

It’s an episode where the long-awaited outcome of who might’ve killed Laura Palmer finally emerges but also leaves a lot of questions into what is going on. While Benjamin Horne is a definite suspect for the fact that he had Laura work in his store and got her involved at One-Eyed Jack’s. His confession to Audrey reveal that as bad as a man that he is, he didn’t kill Laura as credit should go to Richard Beymer for unveiling some of Horne’s vulnerability though the scene where’s arrested during a meeting with Tojamura reveal that he is a coward. It’s among some of the intriguing aspects of the episode as it would continue for its multi-layered climax where Cooper, Truman, and the Log Lady go to the Roadhouse where Cooper would have a vision.

Also at the Roadhouse are James Hurley and Donna Hayward as they both deal with some of the drawbacks over what happened at Smith’s home as they learn that Maddy Ferguson is going on home. Bobby Briggs meanwhile, makes a discovery in a boot that Leo Johnson owned in the hopes that it could get him and Shelly out of the financial dire straits they’re in. Especially as Shelly is forced to resign from her work as a waitress for the Double R Diner to take care of Leo full time. While it’s an episode that is quite dramatic and ends some storylines while opening new ones. There are elements of humor where Norma Jennings gets a first-hand look at the new Nadine Hurley who still think she’s in high school and has super-strength as Ed is still baffled. Another funny moments play into Leo Johnson’s outbursts in his comatose state that provide some scares for Bobby and Shelly but it is among these quirks that make it so irresistible to watch. Even as Tojamura makes an appearance to meet Pete Martell where he reveals his true identity.

Yet, it’s the climax where many of the characters converge at the Roadhouse where Julee Cruise performs two songs where a major event is revealed into not just the character BOB but also who is Laura’s killer as seen by Maddy Ferguson. The reveal is definitely an odd one as it only raises more questions than answers as well as some of the mysterious elements that relate to the contents in Laura’s diary with claims of molestation and abuse.

Lonely Souls is a phenomenal episode of Twin Peaks from David Lynch and writer Mark Frost. It’s an episode that closes some things but also opens to some newer questions about Laura Palmer’s death and the revelations to who killed her. Featuring some top-notch performances from Richard Beymer, Sheryl Lee, and Kyle MacLachlan, the episode isn’t just one of the show’s key episodes but also one that would mark some serious changes to the series. In the end, Lonely Souls is a remarkable episode of Twin Peaks from David Lynch.

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