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Based on the Marvel Comics series by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, Deadpool is the story of an assassin who reinvents himself as an anti-hero who goes after the man that ruined his life and has captured his old girlfriend. Directed by Tim Miller and screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the film is spoof of sorts as it play into the many tropes of superhero films but with a character that often makes very satirical comments as the titular character is played by Ryan Reynolds. Also starring Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, Leslie Uggams, Briana Hildebrand, and Stefan Kapicic. Deadpool is a wild yet witty film from Tim Miller.

The film follows its titular character who was once a top assassin until he is stricken with cancer where he goes to a mysterious man who would cure him but leave him deformed. In turn, he goes after him hoping for a cure and get his life back on track while providing some commentary of everything that is around him as well as breaking the fourth wall. It’s a film about a guy who claims to be a bad guy but does worse thing to those who are really bad as he has no interest in being a hero. Yet, once the assassin Wade Wilson would find love in a prostitute named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). He starts to embrace some form of normalcy until he is stricken with terminal cancer as desperation to find a cure would lead him into a trouble where he meets this mutant named Ajax (Ed Skrein) who is immune to pain as he would put Wade into a dark experiment that would force him to become the anti-superhero Deadpool.

The film’s script doesn’t play by traditional narrative as part of it has Deadpool reflecting on his life with Vanessa and what he was doing while chasing Ajax and his goons at a highway only to be interrupted by Colossus (the voice of Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Briana Hildebrand) of the X-Men who want him to join. Deadpool refuses as he also comments about what he’s doing as well as criticize his character’s previous appearance in a film as well as other things that breaks the fourth wall. Especially as Deadpool would often talk to the audience as he tries to go after Ajax who would later kidnap Vanessa. There is also that sense of conflict in Wade as he embraces being Deadpool but also is filled with fear about what will Vanessa think of what he did to get rid of the cancer.

Tim Miller’s direction is definitely stylish as it play into the many tropes that is expected in action and superhero films but it also has fun with it. Shot largely on location in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, the film plays into a world that is quite chaotic but also exciting which is something that Wade is comfortable at since it play into his twisted personality. Miller does use some wide shots for some big moments as well as establishing some of the locations yet he would go into more intimate approaches to compositions with the usage of close-ups and medium shots. Some of which are playful as well as maintain that air of dark comedy into the film in the way Wade comments on the torture he would endure as well as comments from everything including bad movies and the guy who is playing him. Miller’s direction also has these moments such as the opening sequence where it plays into the many clichés of what is expected as the opening credits list everything that is often seen in these films. Still, Miller understands that the film isn’t taking itself seriously while not being afraid of being graphically violent at times or just taking a piss on itself at many of the clichés and have fun with it. Overall, Miller creates a thrilling and hilarious film about a bad guy who goes ape-shit on even worse guys by trying to get his girlfriend back and kill a bunch of fuck-heads.

Cinematographer Ken Seng does excellent work with the film‘s cinematography as it play into the somewhat de-colored look of the exterior locations with the exception of the scenes at the home of the X-Men while some of the nighttime scenes have some nice lighting to play into its eerie look. Editor Julian Clarke does superb work with the editing as it has some stylish fast-cuts for some of the action while actually not overwhelm anything as well as be straightforward in some parts. Production designer Sean Haworth, with set decorators Shannon Gottlieb and Shane Vieau as well as art directors Greg Berry, Nigel Evans, and Craig Humphries, does fantastic work with the set design from the bar Wade often hangs out as well as the home he would share with a blind woman. Costume designer Angus Straithe does terrific work with the costumes from the clothes that Vanessa wear as well as the design of the Deadpool suit.

Makeup designer Bill Corso does brilliant work with the look of Wade in his decayed and post-cure state as it play into the decision he‘s made. Visual effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart does wonderful work with the visual effects from the way some of Deadpool‘s wounds are healed and the look of Colossus. Sound editors Jim Brookshire and Wayne Lemmer, along with sound designer Craig Henighan, do amazing work with the sound as it play into the sound effects and the way some of the gore sounds as it isn‘t afraid to be squeamish. The film’s music by Tom Holkenborg is marvelous for its mixture of bombast electronic music with some orchestral flourishes to play into the action while music supervisor John Houlihan create a fun soundtrack featuring music from DMX, Wham!, Juice Newton, Salt-N-Pepa, Chicago, Neil Sedaka, the Chordettes, and TeamHeadKick.

The casting by Ronna Kress is remarkable as it feature some notable small roles from Karan Soni as a cab driver named Dopinder that Deadpool befriends, Jed Rees as a mysterious man in a suit that gives Wade a secret contact, and Leslie Uggams in a very funny performance as Blind Al as a blind old lady that Deadpool lives with as she has a love for cocaine and IKEA. Stefan Kapicic is terrific as the voice of the steel-like mutant Colossus as a X-Men who tries to recruit Deadpool as he thinks there is good in him. Brianna Hildebrand is fantastic as Negasonic Teenage Warhead as a X-Men trainee who has the power to detonate atomic bursts in her body as she doesn’t seem to be impressed by Deadpool. T.J. Miller is superb as Weasel as a bartender friend of Wade who would help him with a few things as well as be a comic foil for Wade.

Gina Carano is excellent as Angel Dust as Ajax’s powerful henchwoman who likes to have a match in her mouth as well as be very strong where she is able to match up against Colossus. Ed Skrein is brilliant as Ajax as a mutant who is immune to pain as he would manipulate and ruin Wade’s life in the hopes he can use him as part of a secret army only to fuck with the wrong guy. Morena Baccarin is amazing as Vanessa as a prostitute who is Wade’s girlfriend as she has a strange yet enjoyable relationship until she wonders where he is as she isn’t some typical damsel-in-distress but rather someone that doesn’t take a lot of shit. Finally, there’s Ryan Reynolds in a phenomenal performance as the titular character as a smart-aleck assassin who is diagnosed with cancer only for things to go wrong when he gets cured as he becomes an even more fucked-up killer as it’s Reynolds being funny as well as provide some charm as it’s one of his best performances to date.

Deadpool is a sensational film from Tim Miller that features an incredible performance from Ryan Reynolds. Along with a strong supporting cast, a fun music soundtrack, and a premise that isn’t afraid to not take itself seriously. It’s an anti-superhero film that doesn’t care about taking a piss on itself as well as have a good time playing with the many clichés of the genre. In the end, Deadpool is a dazzling and hilarious film from Tim Miller.

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