Sunday, November 17, 2013

Castello Cavalcanti

Written and directed by Wes Anderson, Castello Cavalcanti is an eight-minute short film about a Formula One race car driver who tries to finish a race in Italy only to be stuck in a small town during the race. Financed by Prada, the short is a tribute of sorts to Italian cinema as it was shot in Cinecitta Studios where the racer is played by Anderson regular Jason Schwartzman. Also starring Giada Colagrande. Castello Cavalcanti is a delightful and entertaining short film from Wes Anderson.

The short is a simple story about a Formula One racer in 1955 Italy who crashes his car into a small town realizing that the town shares his last name. It’s a very simple short that plays into a man dealing with his failure as a racer while having this revelation over this small town he’s in where his ancestors are from. Wes Anderson’s script doesn’t play too much into the story as it’s a very simple one where he focuses largely on his very stylized direction that is filled with his unique approach to dolly and tracking shots as well as exotic compositions. Most notably through Darius Khondji’s very colorful and vibrant cinematography as well as Stefano Ortolani’s very detailed and intricate set design with help from set decorator Cristina Onori and art director Letizia Santucci.

The film’s look is also enhanced by the costume design work of Milena Canonero to create something that feels like an Italian film that features lots of old-school music that is played in the background that is compiled by music supervisors Alessandro Casella and Randall Poster that is wonderfully mixed by Tulio Morganti for the location sound work. The film also features some intricate yet rhythmic editing from Stephen Perkins as it plays to Anderson’s unique style that includes the way he gets Jason Schwartzman to play this frustrated driver who wasn’t doing well in the race. Since the film has a look that is definitely inspired by Federico Fellini, the film’s cast definitely has a look that is Italian with Giada Colagrande being the standout as the barmaid at the cafĂ©. Overall, the film is another marvelous short from Wes Anderson proving that he can do a lot in one small short film.

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