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Summer of Twin Peaks: Episode 6-Realization Time

Directed by Caleb Deschanel and written by Harley Peyton, the seventh episode of Twin Peaks entitled Realization Time is an episode where many of the events that relates to Laura Palmer’s death and the underworld surrounding some of the locals in Twin Peaks start to come together. Notably as Special Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, and Ed Hurley go further into the underworld where Cooper and Hurley go undercover to the brothel One Eyed Jack’s in Canada. It’s an episode where many characters not only do their own investigation into what happened to Laura Palmer but it’s also an episode where several characters who are suspected of being involved do whatever it takes to stop the authorities from doing their job.

Among the many subplots that goes on in the film, James Hurley, Donna Hayward, and Maddy Ferguson work together to try and find a missing tape of a conversation Laura had with Dr. Jacoby where they believe that Jacoby has the tape. Audrey Horne does her own investigation by working at her father’s department store where she learns about some secrets about some connection for co-workers who would get extra money working at One Eyed Jack’s prompting her to make a visit to the place herself under a different name. The episode also plays into some dealings between Benjamin Horne, Catherine Martell, and Josie Packard as it relates to the sawmill where it becomes clear that someone is going to get the blame and no one knows who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

Harley Peyton’s script doesn’t just amp up the element of suspense but also manages to create more intrigue where Cooper and Truman, with the aid of Dr. Hayward, try to figure out what Jacques Renault’s pet myna bird Waldo would say as they would get a major clue about what happened to Laura Palmer. It is among a few of the quirky elements of the episode as it focuses more on the element of suspense. There is also some drama as it relates to Bobby Briggs’ relationship with Shelley Johnson where Briggs vows to protect her but would also play a key role in the ending as it relates to Hurley whom he has issues with.

Caleb Deschanel’s direction is engaging for the way it plays into the element of suspense and drama while showing things that will raise questions about who is connected to who. Most notably Hank Jennings and his connection with Josie Packard as the former would have a confrontation with Truman who doesn’t trust Jennings despite the fact that he’s on parole. Deschanel takes great detail into capturing many of the visuals along with scenes set at night and in the interiors such as Horne listening to her manager talking to one of his employees about a special job. Even as it is clear that no one is safe nor anyone who has motives about shutting the truth from everyone.

Realization Time is a riveting episode from Caleb Deschanel and Harley Peyton as the stakes become much higher as does the sense of intrigue. Notably as it’s an episode where everything is getting closer while its cast start to reach towards their A game in their performances while allowing their characters to be far more interesting than ever. In the end, Realization Time is an exhilarating episode of Twin Peaks from Caleb Deschanel.

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