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Summer of Twin Peaks: Episode 8-May the Giant Be With You

Directed by David Lynch and teleplay by Mark Frost from a story by Lynch and Frost, the first episode of the second season of Twin Peaks entitled May the Giant Be With You picks up where the first season finale ended as Special Agent Dale Cooper is found in his hotel room wounded by a gunshot from a mysterious man. There, he would meet a mysterious giant (Carel Struycken) who would give him some clues that Cooper would listen to as he would later recover from his wounds. After learning about what happened Jacques Renault and Leo Johnson as the latter is in a coma, Special Agent Rosenfield returns to Twin Peaks to aid in the investigation despite his disdain for Sheriff Truman and his staff. The episode also plays into the aftermath of the Martell sawmill fire where Shelley Johnson and Pete Martell would survive while Catherine Martell’s fate remains unknown.

The events in aftermath would also mark some changes in the behaviors of a few while James Hurley would spend time in jail for drug possession as he confesses to Sheriff Truman what he was doing in Dr. Jacoby’s office. Dr. Jacoby would talk to Truman, Cooper, and Rosenfield about how he had gotten possession of the other half of Laura Palmer’s necklace as well as insight into things about Leo Johnson as Cooper learns that, despite still being a suspect, didn’t kill the other girl who had been killed a year earlier. Mark Frost’s script is very complex as it has a lot that is happening as Ed Hurley watches over Nadine who had attempted suicide and is now in a comatose state. Other subplots involve Audrey secretly working at One Eyed Jack’s where she gets herself in danger as she nearly has a sexual encounter with her father who doesn’t know what she is doing there.

Things do get stranger as David Lynch would create elements of surrealism as it relates to Cooper’s meeting with this mysterious giant as well as the ending which involves Ronette Pulaski finally awaken from her coma. Another moment of surrealism is when Maddy saw blood stains appearing in a carpet as if they were saying something to her. A later meeting with Donna Hayward where the two would wear Laura’s sunglasses would bring a change into their behaviors as it is among some of the new and strange things that is happening. Most notably Leland Palmer whose hair had suddenly turned white and is acting oddly happy for some reason that baffles everyone. Especially in a dinner where the Haywards invited the Palmers where Leland would sing for some odd reason.

There are characters whose fates remain unknown aside from Catherine Martell as Josie Packard had suddenly disappeared while Bobby Briggs would have a heart-to-heart with his father about Bobby’s future. It is among these moments that occur in the series as it plays into Lynch’s idea of small town life and its sense of peace and tranquility but there is darkness underneath. Especially as it only leaves more questions than answers over who killed Laura Palmer as the search is one for a mysterious third figure who might be the one that killed Palmer.

May the Giant Be With You is an incredible episode of Twin Peaks from David Lynch that doesn’t just open the second season with a bang but also maintains the sense of mystery and humor in the series. Especially as the cast is once again at the top of their game while bringing much more to their characters. In the end, May the Giant Be With You is a spectacular episode of Twin Peaks from David Lynch.

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