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Summer of Twin Peaks: Episode 9-Coma

Directed by David Lynch and written by Harley Peyton, the second episode of the second season of Twin Peaks entitled Coma revolves around the continuing investigation of Laura Palmer’s murder as Ronette Pulaski has finally woken up from her coma. Special Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman question Pulaski who would reveal the visual identity of a mysterious third person as Leland Palmer would later claim to know who this man is. Meanwhile, Donna Hayward and Audrey Horne would each embark into their own investigations as the latter would find herself in great danger. It’s an episode where it raises more questions than answers as well as some dark motives involving the people at Twin Peaks.

With Donna Hayward taking on the Meals on Wheels job as she meets a strange customer in Mrs. Tremond (Frances Bay) who would tell Donna about a neighbor of hers who knew Laura as Laura would later receive a call from that man. At One Eyed Jack’s, Audrey would make a discovery about how Laura got to work at the place and who owns it as she would eventually blow her cover while her father and Agent Cooper realize she’s missing. It’s an episode where not much happens but there are things that do get stranger when Cooper receives a message from Major Briggs about what happened on the night Cooper got shot. What is revealed only adds more discomfort from Cooper who also learns that his former partner has just been released from an insane asylum.

Harley Peyton’s script explores a lot of the underworld that is in and out of Twin Peaks as it relates to how much power Benjamin Horne has and what he is trying to do. Most notably as his plans over a business deal with Icelandic businessmen are nearly ruined by Leland Palmer who told the Icelanders about the saw mill fire. There’s also little subplots that relate to Shelly Johnson and Bobby Briggs’ affair as they realize that Leo will be in a coma as Briggs conspires to cash in on Leo’s disability money. Another which involved Donna has her becoming jealous of James’ attraction towards Maddy Ferguson during a song they were recording.

David Lynch’s direction does feature some unique close-ups as it relate to this growing love triangle between Donna-James-Maddy as well as moments of surrealism and terror as it relates to what Ronette had seen as well as a dream Cooper would have near the end of the episode. The episode also plays into some of the humor as it relates to Deputy Andy trying to tape pictures in various places in the town where he would have tape stuck on his head. There is also some very strange and weird moments such as Donna’s meeting with Mrs. Tremond and her grandson (Austin Jack Lynch) as it showcases the world of the weird as it is among one of the highlights of the episode.

Coma is a superb episode of Twin Peaks from David Lynch and writer Harley Peyton as it maintains that sense of off-beat humor and intrigue. Especially as the cast is once again solid as well as the story as there’s more element of suspense and terror that goes on. In the end, Coma is an excellent episode of Twin Peaks from David Lynch.

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