Friday, August 14, 2015

The Film Emotion Blog-a-Thon

Conman of Conman at the Movies has created a new blog-a-thon that is inspired by Pixar’s Inside Out which is based on the five key emotions of the film. Here are the rules:

1. Pick five films to represent the five emotions in Inside Out. The criteria for choosing these films is listed below. I would be willing to allow a tie, if you couldn’t decide between two films to best represent one of the emotions.

2. Write out five paragraphs, (one for each film) talking about the movies and why you chose them.

3. Post them on your blog (or Tumblr or whatever).

4. Send me the link by posting it here in the comments.

What I’m looking for are five movies that make YOU feel a certain emotion. Here’s what to look for;

JOY: First of all, you want to pick a movie that makes you happy. The kind of movie that you put on whenever you’re in a bad mood that never fails to lighten your spirits. It can be a family film, a romance, a comedy – as long as there’s a smile on your face by the end credits, it should be fair game.

SADNESS: Now for the movie that made you cry the most. From Bambi to Titanic, there are plenty of tear-jerker movies out there. These are movies where you gravitate towards the main characters and really don’t want to see anything bad happen to them. Maybe a character dies, maybe the guy doesn’t get the girl, but your eyes should be pretty watery by the film’s end.

FEAR: This is the movie that gave you the most nightmares. Pretty self explanatory. There are plenty of classic horror movies to choose from, but it doesn’t have to be an out-and-out horror film. If the movie’s about a more subtle kind of fear, or if the movie just has a creepy atmosphere, that should work. Whether blunt or subtle, this is the movie that scares the shit out of you.

ANGER: This is a movie that you flat out hated. Not a movie that was dull or boring, but a movie that just fills you up with rage just thinking about it. Maybe it’s a movie made by a certain director that had so much potential, maybe it’s an adaptation or a sequel that just didn’t do the original justice. It could also be a movie where your anger isn’t directed at the movie, but at the characters. Ever wanted to scream at movie characters for making such incredibly stupid decisions?

DISGUST: This last one is a bit tricky, I’ll let you interpret it the way you want. It could be a horror film with a lot of really awful imagery that you don’t want to look at, it could be a comedy with a bunch of gross-out humor that you can barely listen to. It could even be a movie that you like, but your disgust comes towards the basic premise in a grander sense, like being disgusted by what you see in 12 Years A Slave or Schindler’s List. Either way, this film should make you cringe.

Well, that is a pretty simple idea. OK then, let’s get to it.


If there’s one film that will make me laugh endlessly and lift things up for me. Well, who better to provide it than Monty Python? For me, the silliness that is Monty Python is what makes everything funny. Their 1974 classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail is just silliness at its most absurd. Coconuts, flesh wounds, the Holy hand grenade, the Castle Anthrax, must ask three questions, silly k-nig-hts, and a silly place called Camelot. Those who don’t think it’s funny are a bunch of idiotic, brainless, snobbish, imbecilic hamsters. I fart in their general direction and their fathers smell of elderberries!


The Trois Couleurs trilogy by Krzysztof Kieslowski is among one of the greatest trilogies in film but its first film Bleu is definitely one of the most devastating films ever. Though it is a story about liberation, it is a devastating one considering that Juliette Binoche’s Julie character doesn’t just lose her family in an accident that she would survive. The scene where Julie watches the funeral on a hand-held television as well as elements in the ending and several other scenes are true tear-jerkers that definitely earn these moments.


Horror is not a genre I’m really knowledgeable about but there are horror filmmakers that I do love as John Carpenter is among them. While he’s known for strange and eerie films like Big Trouble in Little China and They Live. It’s The Thing that is among one of his best films and certainly one of the scariest. Most notably as it has elements of distrust and paranoia where a mysterious monster tries to inhabit someone or something. It is a very scary film as it is about the sense of the unknown and it adds to the sense of being really scared which is the hallmark of great horror films.


In cinema, there’s films that definitely test those in their stomachs and in the mind. Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom is that film as anyone who made it through the whole thing definitely experienced something that they will never forget and probably never want to watch ever. It’s not just the scenes of torture and decadence but also scenes of explicit sexual content and graphic violence that will definitely test anyone who sees it. Oh, and there’s people actually eating shit in the film. That’s just a taste of the craziness that goes in the film as it’s really more of a study of a world that is removed from modern society during World War II as a group of people try to maintain something that is ceased to exist. For those that aren’t able to get through the whole thing. Well, who can blame them?


No film this year pissed me off more than Aloha as I would expect Cameron Crowe to do something different. Instead, he creates what is most definitely his worst film to date and one that he will probably never recover from. I wasn’t expecting much when I saw it though I was hoping that it would be decent or more watchable than Elizabethtown. What happens is a film that pretty much makes you realize what is going to happen and the secrets that are unveiled as it ends up being very stupid. It’s full of contrivances and moments where Crowe wants you to feel something. Instead, you just feel pissed off that you wasted all of your time watching this piece of shit and you wish that you would find Crowe and kick him in the nuts for making such an awful fucking movie!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Aloha...and I won't.

YES to Fear, Sadness and Joy!

I really need to see Salo...even though I'm sure it'll make me vomit.

Dell said...

Monty Python and the Holy Grail has to give you joy or you don't have a soul. Great choice. Also a great pick for Fear. Haven't seen the others. I will see the Three Colours trilogy at some point. I might, maybe if I'm bored one day, see Aloha, but I'm refusing to see Salo at this point. I've heard nothing but disgusting things about it. I guess that makes it a perfect pick.