Thursday, November 30, 2017

Films That I Saw: November 2017

Well, we’re a month away from the end of what’s been an insane year. A year that I’m sure where a lot of people felt they lost some of their intelligence and wonder how the fuck did things get so fucking stupid? Personally, it hasn’t been as bad as the year before but it was still pretty bad considering all of the political turmoil and shenanigans that is happening in the White House. A place that had a sense of prestige and importance has now become a home for shit. Of course, there’s people who would think otherwise that include people I’ve known for so many years who are close to my parents as I’ve pretty much want nothing to do with them as they’ve now become nonsensical and extremely defensive over this administration. Yet, I’m also sure they will claim that the whole thing involving Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore is fake news but it’s really part of a whole bigger picture.

The whole scandal involving sexual harassment in Hollywood as well as revelations about what some have done such as Kevin Spacey and NBC news reporter Matt Lauer have really shook up a world that is now more fucked up that is. I knew that people like Brett Ratner would do such a thing as I was really angry for outing Ellen Page as a lesbian during the making of X-Men III: The Last Stand yet I was shocked about Spacey as the list of those involved including John Lasseter at Pixar have really upset me. Lasseter for just being really stupid in giving out too many hugs as it proves that no one is safe and many have to answer for their actions if they want to redeem themselves. Harvey Weinstein and Brett Ratner are among some of those who don’t deserve any redemption because they’re scumbag as I hope they’re gone for good. 

In the month of November 2017, I saw a total of 33 films in 21 first-timers and 12 re-watches as it is slightly down from last month but I chose to take it easy and relax as I just passed watching 400 films in a year which is a major improvement over last year. One of the highlights this month has definitely been my Blind Spot assignment in How Green Was My Valley. Here are my top 10 first-timers that I saw for November 2017:

1. Rocco and His Brothers

2. Jackie

3. Le Cercle Rouge

4. You Can Count on Me

5. A Monster Calls

6. Thor: Ragnarok

7. Three Kings

8. After Hours

9. The Burmese Harp

10. T2 Trainspotting

Monthly Mini-Reviews

Nature Boy

The only special of the 30 for 30 series that I saw this month is one of the most anticipated specials that I wanted to see and it did live up to my expectations. Why? It’s because it’s about the Rolex-wearin’, diamond ring-wearin’, kiss-stealin’, wheelin’-dealin’, limousine-ridin’, jet-flying, son-of-a-gun, and he’s having a hard time holding on to these alligator shoes on his feet that cost more money than your fucking house. That’s right, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. One of the greatest professional wrestlers ever as the man himself through two different interviews talk about the highs and lows he’s endured and it’s amazing the man is still alive. Especially for the fact that he survived a plane crash that nearly left him paralyzed before he even became the wrestler that is loved and hated by many as well as drinking so much booze for nearly 30 years and having slept with about a lot of women that probably makes Wilt Chamberlain look small. Through all of the things he’s been through including the death of his son Reid a few years ago, it’s amazing that he’s survived and can still charm the fans.

A Cure for Wellness

From Gore Verbinski comes a film that is definitely unusual as it recall some of the films of Roman Polanski yet it is amazing that it even got made without any major star power and funded by a studio. With a cast that include some superb performances from Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth, and Celia Imrie that revolves around a young man trying to retrieve a corporate CEO from a mysterious spa in Switzerland. Then the young man becomes a patient in the spa due to an accident as it involves mysterious things. It’s a film with some flaws but still intriguing as it includes an incredible performance from Jason Isaacs.

Why Him?

This was actually a pretty fun comedy as the premise itself is fun. It’s about a guy who learns about his daughter’s new boyfriend who is this millionaire in creating apps as he tries to impress him and the rest of the family. Thus, shenanigans ensue as it features James Franco as the guy trying to impress everyone and be part of the family and Bryan Cranston as the father who is wondering why in the hell is his daughter with this guy? It’s a fun comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously although I’m not sure if I want a toilet that squirts back to clean your asshole.

Top 10 Re-Watches:

1. Pan's Labyrinth

2. Arrival

3. Catch Me If You Can

4. Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007

5. Riley’s First Date?

6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

7. Batman

8. One Crazy Summer

9. Beverly Hills Ninja

10. The Lawnmower Man

Well, that is all for November. Next month will be very busy not just with a lot of theatrical releases such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi as I hope I don’t get food poisoning again like it happened it last year. My final Blind Spot assignment in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Trilogy of Life film series will come as well as some reviews of recent films that I’m trying to catch up on with help from my never-ending DVR list. Plus, I’m also going to make a formal announcement of what I plan to do for next year which will include the return of the Auteurs series and maybe a list of the Most Anticipated Films of 2018. Until then, this is thevoid99 signing off…

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Dell said...

I also watched that Ric Flair doc. Man, that was fun. And yes, it's amazing this dude is still alive.

I plan on keeping better track of how many movies I watch over the course of the year. I've been guessing the last few years so I'm curious how many the actual number is, at least for one year. I don't think I'll get anywhere near 400 (congrats!), but I'm sure it'll be a decent number, as long as my life stays relatively the same during 2018.

Chris said...

Yep, the Hollywood scandal has shaked things up. Apparently Geoffrey Rush is in trouble now.
After Hours is a fun, surprising Scorsese film, especially the first time you watch. I love that Bond doc Everything or Nothing, it’s so informative, entertaining, and I love the music choices taken from the various Bond scores.
I’ve watched both versions of The Lawnmower Man. As far as I remember, the longer dir cut is an improvement.

thevoid99 said...

@Wendell-I had a ball watching the Ric Flair doc as it's amazing the man is still alive and was able to show up for his daughter's most recent championship win and to accompany her at the return of Starrcade. I'm surprised that I've managed to gone past 400 as this year was more easy-going as I got to relax more and be able to do other things.

@Chris-I heard about Geoffrey Rush as it is clear no one is safe. There's a longer version of The Lawnmower Man? I never knew that. If there is, then I'll check it out. I hope it's better than that unnecessary sequel.

Anonymous said...

I must commend you on your work ethic. You manage to watch so many movies. It's very impressive and your blog rocks.

thevoid99 said...

@vinnieh-Thank you. I just try to pace myself and not be overwhelmed.