Sunday, March 13, 2016

La Chambre

Directed by Chantal Akerman, La Chambre is an 11-minute short film set entirely in an apartment in New York City. The first of a trilogy of films set in New York City, the short is a look into the life of an apartment from the view of a woman visiting the city. The result is a simple yet fascinating short from Chantal Akerman.

The film is simply a look into a New York City apartment where Chantal Akerman is living in as the camera pans on a tripod looking into everything that is at the apartment. The camera would gaze slowly into many ordinary objects that play into the look of this apartment while Akerman is seen on her bed lying on it and later peeling an orange to eat. The fact that it is told in that kind of presentation just adds a lot to the film where it proves that simplicity can be the key to tell a story. With the aid of cinematographer Babbette Mangoite in shooting the film, it has a sort of grainy yet realistic look to it that is very beautiful to look at. Though it does seem like it was shot entirely on one take thanks to some invisible cutting by editor Genevieve Luciano who would help provide that air of illusion into the presentation of the film.

La Chambre is an extraordinary short film from Chantal Akerman. It’s a simple little short film that explores so much by doing so little as it displays Akerman’s gift as an artist. In the end, La Chambre is an enchanting film from Chantal Akerman.

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Dell said...

Never heard of this, but admittedly, I am severely lacking when it comes to shorts. This sounds interesting, though.

thevoid99 said...

I'm not sure if it's available on YouTube as it's part of Criterion's Eclipse series with several of Akerman's work from the 1970s as I'm going to do one of these films later on as part of my Blind Spot series.