Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog News 5/27/11 & Blogging Around

Note:  I originally wrote this post yesterday but due to an awful storm that hit Atlanta and various cities nearby.  The power went out for nearly 11 hours.

In Memory of "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1952-2011)  Oooh Yeah!!!!

For those of you who had been reading and following my Cannes Film Festival marathon. Thank you very much. I had fun doing that one and I hope to do it again next year. If anyone wants to join me next year, that would be even better though I would like to see what films we should all see.

Right now, I'm kind of taking a break a bit as I'm currently writing my screenplay that is coming though slowly as I'm early into the project. At the same time, I'm halfway done with my 1991-20 essay project about the music year of 1991 that I will post in my other blog The Void-Go-Round where I'm just posting some old music reviews right now. I don't really feel like writing any new music reviews till I feel like it.

With The Tree of Life finally set to come out tomorrow in New York City and Los Angeles this weekend. I'm already excited that it will come to Atlanta at the Tara Theater a week from Friday as I hope to watch it this weekend. Yet, I think I will approach my review for the film a little differently as I don't like to rush into writing though I did write some cast and technical crew info. I know a lot of us film buffs and fans of Malick are excited that it's coming as I'm also excited to see what my fellow bloggers think.

The Tree of Life will be among the few new releases I will check out along with Cars 2 and maybe X-Men: First Class and Midnight in Paris. Other than that, I plan to focus on films that is currently on my DVR which is being cropped up right now. Among these films I hope to watch are the Red Riding Trilogy that I'll watch this coming weekend along with films by Ingmar Bergman, Luis Bunuel, Ken Loach, Ang Lee, Samuel Fuller, Jim Jarmusch, Guy Maddin, and many others for June. Plus, I'll be posting some old reviews of films by Bunuel, Bergman, Lee, and some Pixar reviews I wrote back at over the years. I will also do some work relating to the 10th Anniversary release of Ghost World which will include an essay of the film that I hope to have by the end of June or early July.

My Ghost World essay will be part of a series of essays relating to my favorite films as I plan to do one on Breaking the Waves probably around the summer as well. My fourth Auteurs profile on Gus Van Sant will be pushed to late July/August while I've decided that the fifth profile will be either on Whit Stilman or Alexander Payne. I thought about doing David Fincher but I would rather push it to some other time.

In the world of the blogosphere, there's a lot I've been reading that has stood out for me.

Edgar at Between the Seats has an incredible review on one of Sam Peckinpah's most underrated films in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.

CS at Big Thoughts from a Small Mind has a Great list of 10 Best Film Character Names.

Bryce at Things That Don't Suck has a a wonderful review of Morvern Callar that highlights some of the things I love about the film.

Jake of Not Just Movies posted an excellent review of my favorite film of 2010 in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere at The Final Girl Project.

Nick at Anomalous Material has a great piece on what is The Best & Worst of Woody Allen. His best is Crimes & Misdemeanors while his worst so far is Curse of the Jade Scorpion.

Dan of Dan the Man's Movie Review has a great review on one of the worst films this year in Something Borrowed as he questions the state of romantic comedies these days. Are they getting this bad?

Alex of Film Forager has a great review of one of my favorite action films in Police Story starring Jackie Chan.

Finally, there's two blogs that I've just followed that for those who don't know about these should check them out. First is Bonjour Tristesse which specializes in reviewing foreign films while the other is Andy Buckle's Film Emporium which is a blog that I've enjoyed reading.

Well, that is all for today. Let's all try to create the best review for The Tree of Life and bring our A game to the table. For those living in the U.S. and wondering where the film will play your local city, check out the link here.  And remember... take care... spike your hair... woo woo woo.  You know it!


Unknown said...

RIP Macho Man. Not ashamed to say he was one of my heroes growing up.

Also thanks for the mention, I appreciate it.

Andy Buckle said...

Thanks for the link! Really appreciate it. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Tree of Life.

thevoid99 said...

@Andy-You're welcome. I'm looking forward to the film myself. It will probably take a while.

@Bonjour-Macho Man is among in my list of my top 5 favorite pro wrestlers ever. He had it all. The look, the mic skills, the in-ring ability, and the best flying elbow drop in the business. The Rock maybe my all-time favorite with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in second.

The Macho Man was someone I grew up watching as a kid and just loved to watch him wrestle and kick ass. There will never be another like him.