Friday, June 01, 2012

007 James Bond Marathon Announcement

On October 5, 1962, James Bond was finally unveiled to the world with his first appearance in film that was known as Dr. No.  In the years since that first release, Bond would appear in more than 20 films including a non-series film and a parody in the span of the next years.  In late October of this year, Bond will finally return with the 23rd official Bond film in Skyfall as it is among one of the most anticipated films of the year.

This marathon would explore every James Bond film from Dr. No to the upcoming Skyfall as well as non-EON Bond films like Never Say Never Again and the 1967 parody of Casino Royale.  The marathon will also include a couple of documentaries relating to Bond and will start with the original 1954 TV episode of Climax! that featured James Bond presented for the first time on TV.  This marathon will explore Bond's evolution from this episode to the Daniel Craig's current portrayal of Agent 007 in chronological order.  Here is the schedule for the James Bond Marathon that will start from June to November 2012:


Casino Royale (1954 TV episode)

Dr. No

From Russia with Love



You Only Live Twice

Casino Royale (1967 spoof film) 


On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Diamonds are Forever

Live and Let Die

The Man with the Golden Gun

The Spy Who Loved Me



For Your Eyes Only


Never Say Never Again

A View to a Kill


The Living Daylights

Licence to Kill


Tomorrow Never Dies

The World is Not Enough


Die Another Day

Bond Girls are Forever (documentary)

Casino Royale

True Bond (documentary)

Quantum of Solace



Marathon Post-Mortem

That is the line-up for the Bond marathon.  25 films, two documentaries, and one TV episode all revolving around Mr. Bond.  Until then, this is Agent thevoid99 signing off to start uncovering the world of Mr. Bond.


Chip Lary said...

I look forward to this. I've seen all but the TV episode and the docs.

thevoid99 said...

The only reason I decided to include the docs and the original Casino Royale TV episode was to make the marathon stand out a bit more since I feel it all relates to Bond. I saw the original Casino Royale episode on TV back in January when I was supposed to start the marathon back then but certain things ruined it forcing me to re-think and re-plan everything.

Alex Withrow said...

Dude this is awesome, can't wait to see what you think of all of them. I really hope Skyfall is several steps above Quantum.

thevoid99 said...

@Alex-So far, I've done 2 films for the marathon though some of these (notably the Moore to Craig) era are going to be re-watches.

I just want to do a proper job on all of these films and then see Skyfall.