Sunday, August 26, 2012

Voyage in Time

Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and Tonino Guerra, Voyage in Time is a documentary about Tarkovsky’s travels to Italy as he prepares production for his film Nostalghia. The documentary has the filmmaker talking about his work and his love for cinema. The result is a compelling piece on the legendary Russian filmmaker.

The film is essentially the story of Andrei Tarkovsky working on the screenplay for his sixth film Nostalghia with screenwriter Tonino Guerra as they scout locations in Italy. Throughout the film, the duo discuss cinema and life as they figure out how to tell a story for this project. Even as there’s a scene where Guerra gets a call from Michelangelo Antonioni as Tarkovsky wants to say “hi” to the Italian filmmaker whom he cites as one of his favorites. Still, it is about the creative process where Tarkovsky and Guerra are trying to create ideas for this project. Through these beautiful places that includes the airy pool that was shown in Nostalghia.

Through the camera work of cinematographer Luciano Tovili and the straightforward editing of Franco Letti, the film captures the scenery of the Italian locations with wonderful wide shots to display its beauty. Even as there’s amazing compositions of where Tarkovsky would place himself in the frame against a certain location.

Voyage in Time is a marvelous documentary film from Andrei Tarkovsky and Tonino Guerra. It’s a film that fans of Tarkovsky must see to hear his views on film and life as well as a look into the creative process of writing a screenplay. In the end, Voyage in Time is a superb film from the duo of Tonino Guerra and Andrei Tarkovsky.

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